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Life Insurance Guides

The ultimate Knowledge Centre to help individuals and families throughout the UK understand the various forms of life insurance. We have created a range of guides and tools to ensure you are well informed when taking out your life cover.

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Should I Write My Life Insurance Into Trust?

If you've bought Life Insurance to protect your loved ones, should it be be written into trust? Drewberry's expert guide on Life Insurance and trusts discusses if a Life...  

Life Insurance Claim Payout Rates by Insurer

Read our 2019 Life Insurance Claims Payout Rates Guide to find out the UK's leading insurers claims statistics. Find out how good life insurance companies are at paying claims...  

Interesting Life Insurance Statistics

Find out the latest UK Life Insurance statistics and read more about UK protection & wealth in our exclusive research.  

Can I get Life Insurance if I’ve had cancer?

Our 2019 guide to help individuals who have suffered cancer understand what is possible when it comes to taking out life insurance  

When Should I Cancel My Life Insurance?

When is the right time to cancel Life Insurance policies? Read our guide and we will walk you through the list of the most common reasons for cancelling Life...  

Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover & Income Protection

Read our 2019 guide to Life Insurance with Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection, compare the best UK insurers and get quotes in 60 seconds for comprehensive insurance protection.  

How does Life Insurance work?

A guide to help you better understand how life insurance works? Find out about the various types of life insurance and what they are designed to do....  

Is Life Insurance Worth It?

Find out whether Life Insurance is worth it for you, compare the top 10 UK insurers and get instant quotes online.  

Do I Need Life Insurance?

Read our 2019 guide and find out whether you need Life Insurance, get expert advice and compare online quotes from Aviva, Legal & General, Vitality and other top UK...  
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