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Last Updated: 2 February 2020

When it comes to something as important as financial advice, you’ll obviously want to ensure you’re getting the best advice possible. A big part of that is having valuable, trusted information on which you can base your decisions. That’s why we’ve put together this editorial policy so you can understand what Drewberry does, how we do it and just what goes into the information you’ll find on the Drewberry website.


Each piece of content you’ll find on the Drewberry website is carefully created and curated with the following core principles in mind:

  • Our clients come first
    Everything we put out on our site is focused on the needs of you, the client, and is done for your benefit. Whether we’re writing an informative blog post about the latest industry update or a much larger page on a particular product or service we offer, you’re always at the front of our minds. This means we’re always striving to put out content that educates and informs our clients (and potential clients) about their options and choices in the world of financial advice. Each piece of content is carefully considered and researched to maximise the benefit to you as a valued Drewberry client.
  • You deserve the best information
    Without the best information at hand, you can’t make an informed decision. This is vital when it comes to something important as financial advice, which is why we work closely with Quilter Financial Planning, part of Old Mutual Wealth, using the power of their compliance department to sign off our content to ensure it’s the best information it can be.
  • We want to share our expertise
    Every piece of our content is either written by an expert in their field or in close consultation with such an expert. This means you can trust the content you find on our website, knowing that it comes from the best sources.


The content team at Drewberry manages all of the content you’ll find on our website. As financial services is a dynamic industry that changes rapidly, we aim to update the website as regularly as possible to ensure you’re always getting the newest, freshest information on which to base decisions in consultation with one of our experts.

Priority is given to using the most recent, significant sources on all matters we cover and we offer links to those sources where used.

Our expert-authored content aims to responsibly balance the presentation of verifiable facts with professional perspectives so you get a well-rounded overview of any given topic.

Links are added to content with the sole purpose of helping you navigate to relevant content throughout the Drewberry website with the aim of helping you further your knowledge about your topic of interest. We link to external webpages if they relate to a source used to create our content or if the source provides additional information that may be of assistance. Such sources might include government statistics or government departments, industry and trade press, and carefully-chosen reputable associations and organisations.

Quality Standards

Every piece of content (written, visual or otherwise) on the website has been carefully reviewed and edited by Drewberry’s content team and has been created in conjunction with at least one expert in their field.

We strive to ensure that each piece of content is accurate, understandable, helpful and reflective of our guiding principles and editorial guidelines.

The content team at Drewberry evaluates the existing content on a regular basis to flag up any pieces of information that are out of date and that we’re consistently providing you with the most up-to-date content possible.

As mentioned, Quilter Financial Planning (FCA Number 4407703) acts as our peer review and sign off, so you can be sure the content on the website is not only checked by one set of regulated advisers but also has another level of oversight on top.

Drewberry is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and appears on its register of trusted financial services firms, which means we have a strict set of rules and regulations which we abide by when providing content and advice.

Our Experts

The experts behind our content are chosen for their breadth and depth of knowledge of their particular area of financial services. This means you get the best of the knowledge we can offer. Our content is written by, or in close consultation with, independent protection advisers, financial planner and wealth managers and we’ve built up a reputation of providing notable voices to various industry publications and the trade press.

Every article’s author is listed at the top of the page with a link through to their bio, which you can access to learn more about their credentials, education, professional experience and appearances in the media.

All writers are required to uphold the editorial guidelines mentioned above.

Licensed and Third-Party Content

Licensed and third-party content is carefully reviewed by the Drewberry content management team to ensure that it is aligned with our policies and standards. Any such content is labelled to notify you of its source.

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