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Employee Benefits

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  Employee Benefits

We provide advice on a wide range of employee benefits with the most common being private medical insurance, income protection and life insurance.

  Business Protection

We are able to assist you with all forms of business protection with the most common being keyman insurance and shareholder protection.

Our Services

Group Medical Insurance

Choosing to provide employees with private medical insurance enables them to bypass the NHS and the associated waiting lists and use private healthcare facilities when they need them most.

Why provide business health insurance?

Research from Met Life in 2012 revealed that 21% of people have suffered long term ill health during their working life.

Health insurance is a highly valued benefit which can help get employees back on their feet as quick as possible.


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Health Insurance

Group Life Insurance

Life insurance ensures that your employees loved ones receive a cash lump sum should the employee pass away during their service with your organization.

A multiple of salary is paid out which helps financially protect the beneficiaries during such difficult times.

Why provide employee life assurance?

Based on ONS life expectancy data (2008-10), 1 in 9 persons aged 20 years now will not live to reach their retirement at age 65 so the importance of this benefit cannot be underestimated.


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Life Insurance

Group Income Protection

Given the level of statutory sick pay entitlement available this is a very important employee benefit which unfortunately can often get overlooked.

Income protection is designed to provide your employees with up to 75% of their gross earnings should they be unable to perform their job due to illness or injury.

Why provide company income protection?

Research from Met Life in 2012 revealed that 21% of people have suffered long term ill health during their working life.


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Income Protection

Business Protection

Many businesses rely on a few key individuals to ensure a profitable future, what would happen should one of your key individuals pass away or suffer a serious illness?

Business protection pays out a lump sum should you lose one of your key individuals ensuring the business can continue to trade through these difficult times.

Why take out business protection?

Based on ONS life expectancy data (2008-10), 1 in 9 persons aged 20 years now will not live to reach their retirement at age 65 so the importance of this benefit cannot be underestimated.


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Business Protection
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What are employee benefits?

Group insurance encompasses a range of insurance products designed to provide cover for a collection of individuals under a single policy. We focus on the two mains forms of group insurance, employee benefits and business protection.

Employee benefits encompass schemes such as group health insurance, income protection and life insurance. The company sets up the policy for the benefit of their employees; i.e. a business health insurance policy provides employees with access to private healthcare facilities which are covered by the company’s paid medical insurance scheme.

Business Protection covers policies like key person insurance and shareholder protection, they are products which financially protect the business against the loss of a key member of staff or director to ensure business continuity.

Group health insurance

A company scheme provides employees with access to private medical facilities allowing them to bypass the NHS and receive treatment when they need it most.

There are many options to consider when setting up a business health insurance scheme including the level of outpatient treatment provided, the hospital list, whether you will opt for a policy excess or any additional cover such as therapies.

For further information and full details on setting up a company scheme please visit our health insurance section.


Group life insurance

One of the first employee benefits most companies introduce, it is fairly inexpensive policy with a much higher perceived value showing employees you care for them and their loved ones.

A company life insurance scheme will pay out a lump sum (equal to a multiple of the employee’s salary) to the loved ones of an employee should they pass away during their tenure at your company.

In most cases a scheme will be set up so each employee will be covered from their first day at work right up to their retirement which will currently be set at their state pensionable age.

This is a very simply clear cut product with little to think about other than the multiple of salary you would like to provide your employees. For further information please see our group life insurance section.


Group income protection

Given statutory sick pay entitlement and the very real risk of suffering a long term illness this is a very important, although often over looked, benefit.

Group income protection protects your employees’ income should they suffer any illness or injury that prevents them from doing their own job role.

The policy is designed to start paying the business up to 75% of the employee’s salary should they be out of work and have seen out the initial deferred period. The monthly benefit is paid to the business who then pass on that payment to the employee as income.

There are lots of options to consider including the level of cover you wish to provide, the length of cover, the deferred period and any additional benefits such as protecting employer NI contributions and pension contributions.

For further information and guidance please refer to our income protection section.


Shareholder protection

A form of life insurance which when set-up correctly ensures that the funds are available to be able to buy back the shares of any of the company shareholders should the worst happen. Shareholder protection thus ensures business continuity and the right people retain ownership of the business during such difficult times.

Shareholder protection is either made up of life insurance only or life insurance with critical illness cover. Where life insurance only option pays out on death including critical illness cover will see the policy also payout should the individual suffer one of the 30-35 critical illness which are defined in the insurer’s terms and will include cancer, heart attack and stroke.

It is most important to structure the shareholder protection correctly with the appropriate trusts, cross option agreement and premium equalization.

For further information please see our shareholder protection page –


Keyman insurance

As the name suggests key person insurance financially protects your business should the worst happen to one of your key people.

Whether it is to replace lost profits, recruit and train a replacement or cover an outstanding business loan the policy will pay out a lump sum on death to ensure business continuity during such difficult times.

In addition to life insurance you can also opt to protect the business against the key person suffering a serious illness such as heart attack, cancer or stroke by opting to include critical illness cover.

If you require further information or some guidance please visit the key man insurance section of this site.


Further information

Should you require further information or guidance on implementing a new group scheme or reviewing existing arrangements then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we are here to help. Some of the most commonly asked questions can be found in our questions and answers section, if you cannot find what you are looking for then ask the question yourself and we will do our best to answer.

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