Senior Health Insurance

Receive the best medical treatment when you need it most...


Why Senior Health Insurance?


Provides you with access to private healthcare so you can bypass NHS waiting lists and receive treatment promptly.


Peace of mind knowing there are no waiting lists, highest standards of care and round the clock visiting hours.


Have choice over where and when your treatment takes place as well as the specialist who treats you.


Speak to our expert independent advisers or get an instant online quote to compare the UK’s leading insurers.

What is it for?

What does Senior Medical Insurance cover?

Senior health insurance

covers the cost healthcare treatment in private medical facilities with many options available to customise your plan.

Core Cover

Inpatient and day patient cover is covered in full by most core plans, covering the cost of treatment, testing and consultations where a hospital bed is required either overnight or just for one day.

Outpatient Cover

Outpatient cover can be added to core plans to cover the initial consultation and diagnostic testing of a conditions allowing you to bypass any NHS waiting lists and get a diagnosis as quick as possible.

What does it cover?

How does Senior Health Cover work?

The process depends on whether outpatient cover has been selected as well as the treatment required.

No Outpatient Cover

Group Private Medical Insurance - No Outpatient

With Outpatient Cover

Group Health Cover - Outpatient Treatment


If you choose a plan without outpatient cover you will need to wait for NHS diagnostic testing and initial consultations before recieving private treatment.

How does it work?

Do I need Senior Medical Insurance?

We all know the NHS does a great job with limited resources but there are many benefits when opting for private treatment.

Some of the benefits include:

  • The peace of mind that you can see a consultant and get tested quickly.
  • Being treated faster and at a time convenient for you.
  • A higher standard of facilities so you’ll be more comfortable if you have to stay overnight.
  • Health Insurance is particularly popular with retired people due to long NHS waiting lists for orthopaedic treatment.
Do I need cover?

Your Key Options

Choose the level of Outpatient Cover

Outpatient cover allows you to visit a private consultant and go private for diagnostic testing avoiding the NHS waiting list for these services.

Cancer Cover

Check the policy to see if there is a time limit for the provision of biological cancer drugs. Some plans have a limit of 12 months so you may wish to upgrade the cover.

Therapies Cover

It is common for plans to cover therapies, such as physiotherapy, to help your body to recover from a hip replacement or a broken bone.

What are my options?
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What is senior health insurance?

Even if you are in good health you never know what might happen in the future. Senior health insurance provides you with peace of mind that you will get the best possible treatment should you need it. Private medical insurance plans are available to suit different budgets. Low cost plans include inpatient treatment and more comprehensive plans include outpatient treatment.

Factors which affect the policy

When considering senior health insurance it is important to recognise that there are a number of personal factors which will affect the price of your health insurance quotes.

As you can probably guess, given a policy is essentially protecting our health the plans our priced on this basis.


Premiums are annually renewable and increase with age. Some insurers which offer specialist Over 50s Private Medical Insurance exclude certain conditions related to aging. It is always best to speak to a qualified adviser to find out what is covered and what is not.

Lifestyle and Exercise

some of the top insurers reward a healthy lifestyle with discounted premiums.

Do you need international cover?

Worldwide health cover

For those choosing to live overseas after retirement healthcare can be a particular concern. If you are are living overseas for all or part of the year you will need to choose an international medical insurance policy.

This will cover you for consultations and treatment where you are residing. This is often essential as many countries do not have a public health system. International policies can be tailored to suit the country you are living in.

Key policy options

Outpatient Treatment

The single biggest influencer on your health cover premiums is the level of outpatient cover. This includes diagnostic tests and specialist consultations.

The greater the level of outpatient cover you require the higher your premiums.


The excess is the amount that you pay towards your claim. Excesses can range from as little as £50 up to £1,000. The higher the excess the lower your monthly premiums. For a £100 excess you can expect a 5% discount on your premiums.

Alternative medicines

Your GP may refer you to an osteopath, acupuncturist, physiotherapist or a chiropractor for additional treatment. This treatment would be covered on your medical plan.

Hospital List

You can reduce your premiums by ensuring you are not paying for hospitals you will never use. London Hospitals tend to be more expensive so insurers often offer an option to remove London Hospitals from your list if not appropriate.

Need some advice?

If you are looking for senior health cover and would like more information, some advice or health insurance quotes comparing the leading UK insurers then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are here to help, our aim is simply to make personal insurance simple and affordable.

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