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Company Type

Private Limited Company

Company Overview

A specialist health insurer previously known as PruHealth which was backed by two large international financial services companies – Prudential plc and Discovery Holdings.

Prudential’s trusted reputation and Discovery’s creative solutions and first-class operations resulted in an innovative approach to healthcare and wellbeing. In 2015 bought Prudentials stake and rebranded the business Vitality.

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Personal Healthcare Overview

Personal Healthcare is a modular proposition offering a core level of health cover which clients can then add to according to their individual needs and budget. Vitality also offer their members improved health rewards via their health living programme.


Core to the proposition is the rewards and discounts available through the healthy living programme, which can include discounted gym membership.


£100 per child maternity benefit, including adoption.


Full cover for nursing at home, private ambulance and parental accommodation.


Full in-patient cover with additional psychiatric treatment option.


In-Patient & Day-Patient Treatment

An in-patient is admitted to hospital, staying in bed overnight or longer for medical reasons. A day-patient is admitted to hospital or day patient unit because they need a period of medically supervised recovery. They do not stay in a bed overnight.

   In-Patient & Day-Patient Core Cover

Hospital Charges


Covered in Full

Consultant’s / Specialist’s Fees


Covered in Full

Diagnostic Tests


Covered in Full

Radiotherapy / Chemotherapy


Covered in Full. Additional Full Cancer Cover option available that removes limits on Biological and hormone or bisphosphonate therapies and extends cover to include end-of-life care

NHS Cash Benefit


£250 per night up to £2,000 per plan year. £125 day-patient cash benefit (£500 maximum per plan year)



Out-patient Treatment

A patient who attends a hospital, consulting room or outpatient clinic and is not admitted as a day patient or in-patient.

Out-patient Cover Options

In addition to the core cover, there are additional options available including; Out-patient Cover offering 5 modules ranging from £500 – £1,500 per year towards diagnostic tests, consultations and physiotherapy.

There are also 2 more modules offering full diagnostics cover or full overall out-patient cover. Further modular options include Out-patient Therapies, Psychiatric Treatment and Full Cancer Cover.


Outpatient Treatment Cover

Consultant Consultations


Optional with Out-patient Cover module for up to &p1,500 per year. Full cover available

Diagnostic Tests


Covered in Full with core cover for MRI/CT/PET Scans. Additional cover available with Out-patient Cover

Radiotherapy / Chemotherapy


Covered in Full with core cover. Additional options available with Full Cancer Cover, which removes the limits on Biological and hormone or bisphosphonate therapies and extends cover to include end-of-life care



Optional with Out-patient Cover up to £1,500 with full cover options available

Alternative Therapies

The Out-patient Therapies module offers alternative therapy benefit towards chiropractic, osteopathy, acupuncture, homeopathy, podiatry and up to 2 consultations with a dietician. A full cover option is also available.

GP referred physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic and acupuncture treatments


Available with Out-patient Therapies Cover up to £350 per year. Full cover is available.

Dental & Optical

The core cover includes specific oral procedures. There is additional Dental Cover, which has a two tier offering. Option 1 provides major dental treatment such as crowns, bridges, root canal treatment, extractions, dentures and emergency dental work after an accident. Option 2 extends the cover to include routine dental check-ups and treatment. Optical cover is not included on this plan.

Accidental Dental Injury


Included with the Dental Cover option

Routine Dental Benefit


Available with the Dental Cover option

Core Policy Options

Psychiatric Treatment


The Psychiatric Treatment option offers cover at two levels from £15,000 to £20,000 towards in-patient and out-patient psychiatric treatment of which £1,500 is available towards out-patient psychiatric treatment.



A discount for excess is available for £100, £250, £500 and £1,000, which can be per annum or per claim. Discount varies according to excess type.

Hospital Lists


Local, Countrywide or Premier Hospital Lists are available under this plan.



Full Medical Underwriting, 2 Year Moratorium or CPME switch are available at a maximum age on entry set at 79. The minimum age on entry is 18.

Additional Benefits

Vitality’s wellbeing  programme makes it easier and cheaper for clients to understand their health through a range of services including; a free online health assessment and healthcheck.

Further benefits offered by Vitality as standard include; a no shortfall guaranteed on specialists’ fees for surgery if the treatment is covered on the plan, consultant referral via Vitality’s GP Helpline, direct referrals for a MRI and Ultrasound scans via a physiotherapist. There is also cover for bariatric / lifestyle surgeries, and long-term condition management.

Nursing at Home


Covered in Full. Assistance at home benefit is also provided

Private Ambulance


Covered in Full

Parental Accommodation


Covered in Full. For 1 parent accompanying a child under the age of 14

Out-of-band Benefit


A 40% co-pay applies

No Claims Discount Facility


Yes. Free protected no claims with Vitality Status determining level of protection. New business entry level of up to 65%. Further discount levels of up to 80% available according to Vitality Status. Platinum members can protect their NCD completely, regardless of the number of claims

Maternity Cash Benefit


£100 per child (including adoption)

Age Limit for Children


20 or under for Full Medical Underwriting and new Moratorium. 25 or under for CPME switch business

Intensive Care


Covered in Full

Health Screening Discount


Free annual Vitality Healthcheck through Road to Health for one adult member covered.Depending on the results of the Vitality Healthcheck, 50% off the cost of health screenings provided by Nuffield Health and BMI healthcare may be available

Built-in Travel Cover


Available with the Travel Cover Module

Helpline & Support


Access to Vitality’s Private GP Helpline. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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