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Cirencester Friendly Income Protection

Income Assured Plus




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Company Type

Friendly Society

Company Overview

Cirencester Friendly has a 120 year history of providing Income Protection for workers across the UK. The Society is the 8th largest income protection provider in the UK with over 33,000 members.

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Income Protection Overview

Although the product is structured as a traditional income protection product the premiums are age banded and should a claim last more than 12 months the benefit paid can reduce by as much as 50%.


Cirencester Friendly use an ‘Own Occupation’ incapacity definition for the vast majority of occupations…


It is important to note that this plan has ‘Age Banded’ premiums which will rise at a set rate over the policy term. Please see Income Assured Plus Premium Rate Table


It is good to know Cirencester Friendly publish their claim statistics where many insurers still decline to do so…


The Cirencester Friendly product has an application which includes full medical underwriting so you know exactly where you stand from the outset…


Cirencester’s Policy Conditions

An overview of the key policy details of Cirencester’s Income Protection Solutions proposition.

Overview of Key Policy Details

Policy Type

Income Protection
(Accident & Sickness Only)


Friendly Society

Premium Type

Age Banded
Premiums increase with age in line with the published rate table.

Maximum Claim Duration

Until the end of the plan or when you are able to return to work, whichever is sooner.

Incapacity Definition

Own Occupation
It is important to note higher risk occupations can often be offered terms based on an ‘Own Occupation’ definition for only the first 12 months of a claim. After 12 months the definition of incapacity switches to ‘Suited Occupation’ definition.

Deferred Period

Day 1 or 1 / 4 / 8 / 13 / 26 / 52 weeks


When selected Cirencester Friendly will annually increase both the level of cover and the premium by inflation.

Waiver of Premium


Maximum Cover
(% Income)

60% Gross
Taxable Earnings
Please not the benefit payment reduces the longer your claim. Your regular benefit payment will reduce to 75% of your full entitlement after 52 weeks of the claim and drops to 50% of the initial entitlement after 104 weeks of the claim.

Maximum Cover
(£ per month)


Max. Policy Cease Age

65 years old

Min. Policy Term

Not Applicable

Min. Entry Age

16 years old

Max. Entry Age

60 years old

Guaranteed Insurability

Not Available

Guaranteed Benefit

Not Available

Overseas Travel


Policy Exclusions

  • Self inflicted injuries
  • Conditions arising outside of the EU
  • Injuries arising from criminal conduct
  • AIDS, HIV positive cases and STD’s
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Drewberry reviews Cirencester Friendly Income Protection…

Cirencester Friendly is a very old and established income protection provider, having offered this type of cover since 1890. However, there are two very significant aspects of their contract that Drewberry believe to be inferior relative to other providers (highlighted below).

Key Comparison Points

  • Although Cirencester Friendly will offer own occupation cover to those in riskier jobs, for these workers this Society will only provide own occupation cover for the first 52 weeks of any claim, before then switching to the lesser definition of incapacity called ‘suited occupation’ cover (providers are available that do not do this);
  • For less risky occupations it is possible to have own occupation cover throughout the life of a claim, but if this option is selected Cirencester Friendly will only payout the full amount of benefit for the first 52 weeks of any claim, with the level cover falling to 75% of the initial amount from weeks 52 to 103, and then falling to 50% thereafter;
  • With this insurer it is important to note that the premiums are age-banded, which means they go up over time as you grow older and can be particularly high at older working ages.

Policy exclusions

There are a greater number of standard exclusions with the Cirencester Friendly policy relative to other income insurance providers. However, the exclusions do seem fairly reasonable and may not be of much concern (such as incapacity resulting from alcohol or drug abuse, self-inflicted injuries and criminal activity).

The war exclusion may concern anyone who travels to potentially unstable regions for business (this is not a standard exclusion with most policies). This Society also won’t pay claims when the policyholder is outside of the EU.

Financial strength

Being one of the largest income protection providers in the UK, Cirencester Friendly has demonstrated their financial acumen for over 120 years. In 2010 the Society had assets of £54.7 million.



Cirencester Friendly Income Insurance – Questions and Answers

A series of commonly asked questions with regards to the policy coverage of the Cirencester Friendly Income Insurance product.

Q. I’ve been reading the website and it seems that own occupation cover is the best one to have, when it says that the Cirencester cover moves to a suited occupation definition after 52 weeks what does this actually mean?

A. This is a very good question. When the Own/Suited incapacity definition is used it means that the policy would payout for up to 52 weeks if you are unable to do your own actual job but after 52 weeks this will not be the case any longer.

When the incapacity definition moves to ‘suited’ it means that the Cirencester Friendly policy will only continue to payout if you are unable to do any occupation for which you are suited given your training, education and experience.

This adds a sizable amount grey area to your cover as you may still not be able to do your current job but the policy may stop paying out if it is deemed that you could do another job for which you are suitably skilled. To avoid uncertainty it is usually best to have a plan that uses the own occupation definition throughout.

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