Cut Your Risk of Illness With A Daily Walk

New research has found that a daily walk can significantly cut the risk of getting over 20 different types of illness.

In the research it was found that a 40 minute walk each day can help to prevent a whole range of illnesses and diseases, including cancer.

The research analysed the results of about 40 studies conducted over the last 4 years and came to the conclusion that maintaining an active lifestyle is as significant in reducing the risk of illness as quitting smoking.

Leslie Alford, a physiotherapy lecturer at the University of East Anglia, said:

“It appears our bodies have evolved to function optimally on a certain level of physical activity that many of us simply do not achieve in our modern, sedentary lifestyles.

“What is clear from the research is that men and women of all ages should be encouraged to be more physically active for the sake of their long-term health.”

The research found that both men and women of all ages can reduce their chances of suffering illness by living an active lifestyle.

The link between health and an active lifestyle is starting to be included in the pricing for health insurance plans.

PruHealth, through their vitality points system, rewards policyholders in the form of lower monthly premiums for pursuing healthy activities. Vitality points can be accumulated by visiting the gym and buying healthy foods from supermarkets, such as fruit and vegetables.

It is just a shame in this case that the insurers points system cannot measure how often you go out for a walk!