Does Taking Out Life Insurance Say ‘I Love You’?

What is love? Love is a long-term promise that tells your partner that you will always be there for them, no matter what. Showing love is all in the details. Expensive gifts are not as important as hugs and kisses.

Therefore, what better way to tell someone that you love them than to ensure that they will be taken care of financially if something drastic should happen to you? Life insurance is one of the best ways to tell them that you care deeply.

I’ll be there for you, no matter what

It is well known that life insurance and critical illness cover are imperative to securing financial security if the worst should happen. Typically, people do this to take care of their families, translating to a promise of I love you. Love is a never-ending promise which indicates to your partner that you will always look after them and will always care for them.

Thing is, though, what if your partner dies or if they become critically ill? How would you be able to take care of your partner or cope with losing them if you have to concentrate on financial worries? Not very romantic but the best possible gift for your partner to show them that you care is financial protection.

It is a fact of love that gestures beat expensive gifts every time. According to a 2011 Multibionta Survey, telling a joke, giving a compliment or even just a hug are great ways to make your partner feel great. Therefore, getting your partner life insurance is a loving gesture that keeps on giving.

Of course, there are a range of insurances available to suit every need that couples and families may experience. Life insurance and critical illness coverage will help ensure financial security should the very worst happen. Naturally, it is also sensible to consider private health insurance for families in order to ensure the very best and speedy treatment should something happen.

Life insurance explained

When looking for a life insurance policy, there are multiple varieties to choose from with most plans paying out a lump sum if you pass away. Most premiums are fixed and are usually very affordable for healthy individuals and couples.

Obtaining a life insurance policy, no matter what kind, will invariably help protect your family from any and all monetary worries that may come up if the worst should happen. These expenses can include university fees, medical bills, childcare costs and household bills.

One important type of cover is mortgage life insurance protection. This type of insurance is designed to repay a mortgage loan at least in part or in full if you die during the policy term. After you lose a loved one, it will be extremely hard to adjust to life without your loved one, let alone wondering what you’re going to do about mortgage expenses. Think about it, if your family can’t pay the mortgage if the worst should happen they could have to leave the family home.

When it comes to taking out a joint mortgage it is very common to arrange joint mortgage term life insurance in order to specifically repay the loan should either partner pass away.

Adding critical illness coverage

Critical illnesses can be the death-bell when it comes to finances for any family who has to go through anything this life changing. The critically ill person can’t usually work for an extended amount of time, if at all, and the other partner will could have to stay home to take care of them. Therefore, obtaining critical illness coverage will help support the whole family throughout those tough times.

Critical illness protection can be added to life insurance so that the combined plan would also payout a lump sum upon diagnosis of a serious illness or injury, in addition to passing way as with standalone life cover. It is also possible to take out mortgage life cover with critical illness protection as a joint plan.

Significant financial hardships can occur if the worst should happen to a family. Life insurance is paramount to help pay for any expenses that need to be paid after losing a family member. Ensuring that your family will be well taken care of is a divinely perfect way to tell your family that you love them.