Is this type of cover only for major illnesses?

After recently been off work due to a minor operation and my company only paying sick leave for a small period of the time I was off I decided to look in to if there was any kind of insurance where you could protect your earning of off work sick…

Do these income protection policies generally only cover major illnesses or if your off work for a certain period of time?

Would the policy cover someone who was signed off by a doctor with say a chest infection for 2 weeks?


Question asked by Debbie Wright
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Answered by Andrew Jenkinson


Income Protection explained

Income protection insurance is not just for major illnesses, it will pay out for any illness or injury which prevents you from going to work and insurers do not have a list of conditions they cover for income protection.

The deferred period

There is a deferred period with income protection insurance which is usually a minimum of four weeks. This is the period of time for which you will have to be off sick before you receive payment. Therefore generally income protection is not intended to cover very short term illnesses.

However some insurers have deferred periods starting from one day where you only have to be off for four days before making a claim and the payment is back dated to day one.

Most people choose the deferred period to coincide with any occupational sick pay or savings. The longer the deferred period the cheaper the premiums.

An example of what you can claim for

For example if you were off with a chest infection for 2 weeks and your employer pays one week full sick pay then you could choose a deferred period of one week which would mean that you would get a payment from the insurer for the second week of sickness. Also you are able to make multiple claims on income protection policies.

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