Public Votes to Back Tougher Action on Health

The Faculty of Public Health have recently conducted a study polling 1,500 individuals on the measures the Government should take to improve the nation’s health. The topics included alcohol, fatty foods and exercise to name a few, all of the results pointing to strong public support for the government measures being considered.

The Results

Although there have been fears of the development of a ‘Nanny State’ the results of the survey could suggest otherwise. The survey found 82% of those questioned believe alcohol manufacturers should be required to print detailed information about the calories and units of alcohol contained in each bottle or can.

A further 81% agreed with the government measures to make at least two hours of sport compulsory in schools each week. In line with this 78% support the introduction of ‘at a glance’ food labelling which clearly states the food’s content of fat, sugars and salt. This all points to the same conclusion, we all understand the benefits of eating the right food and exercising regular so how come we do not all take these measures anyway?

We can support government action all we like but without each and every one of us making a concerted effort to change our habits the efforts of the government will go unnoticed.

Rachael Jolley, head of policy at the Faculty of Public Health, said: “Personal responsibility is important, but the British public seems to be overwhelmingly of the opinion that government intervention has its part to play too.”

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