The Nifty Fifties More Active Than Their Children

A recent research study by Benenden Healthcare found an individual in their fifties to be more sociable, happy and active than someone in their mid twenties. According to the study they enjoy more nights out, meet up with more friends and travel more at the weekends.

The research surveyed 4,000 individuals across the UK, according to the study those in their fifties are happier, socialise more and even appear fitter than those half their age.

The research found the typical modern 50-year-old to head out twice a week, catch up with 4 friends and spend at least three weekends away each year. The trend has emerged as half of the over 50s polled said their focus is on enjoying life to the full.

Comparing this to those in their twenties who on average spend only one night a week out, spend time with three friends and take only two short breaks over the course of the year.

Although the researchers were surprised with the results they put the trends down to people’s changing priorities. Those who are older and moving towards retirement are making time to do what they want, they are able to reflect on what they have or haven’t done with their life and are doing all they can to make the most of their years.

Compare this with a twenty something who still wants to make their mark on the world, getting caught up in the stresses and demands of a job, working their way up the corporate ladder whilst perhaps letting other areas of their life slip.

The research just shows how times have changed, the nifty fifties are spending more time than ever before on things that boost their contentment in life and with life expectancy constantly increasing, hitting the big five-zero is no longer the first step to slowing down.

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