Not Internet Savvy? It will cost you..

According to a recent study by Which?, the consumer group found that those individuals who were perusing the web for their banking and insurance were getting hugely better deals than those customers going into the branch.

With changes in the way we live and communicate, younger customers are more likely to go online and search around for the best deal. While older customers who might not be as computer savvy often stick to using their local branch and in turn are losing out, is this fair?

We have also seen this raw deal with individuals taking out mortgage life cover and payment protection through their bank or mortgage lender compared to the deal they could get online. There are many people out their who have their life cover or mortgage protection through their bank who could easily be paying twice the price for the same policy which they could have bought online.

Which looked specifically at travel insurance and found a four fold difference between the best online deal and the best in-branch deal, online a 65 year old wanting annual worldwide travel cover could expect to pay around £40, yet for a similar plan on the high street they would have to stump up £173.40.

This trends occur right across the board, from a current account to travel, life and health insurance. For the most competitive insurance rates with advice and information to ensure you the most suitable policy please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are here to make insurance simple and affordable.