Finally, A Cure for The Common Cold…

Well sort of! Whenever you get a cold you do anything and everything to get rid of it. But what if there was something you could do that would prevent you getting one in the first place, you would do it, right?

Well, a recent study by Appalachian State University in California, has shown that keeping active and taking regular exercise, can in fact reduce the odds of catching a cold by almost half.

Bouts of exercise have shown to increase the amount of immune system cells distributed around the body. The increase in immune cells means that your body has a greater chance of fighting off foreign bodies, therefore reducing the chances of becoming ill.

The study was conducted on 1000 healthy participants. Each participant was asked various questions about their health, fitness and overall lifestyle and asked to keep a record over 3 months of any cold symptoms, such as coughs and sniffles. Results showed:

  • Feeling fit and being active significantly reduced the chances of catching a cold by almost 50%.
  • Being older, married and male reduced the likelihood of getting a cold.
  • Eating plenty of fruit can reduce frequency of getting a cold.
  • Simply thinking you are fit can reduce the risk of catching the common cold..

Even in cases where participants fell ill, their symptoms were significantly reduced as a result of taking regular exercise of at least 20 minutes per day.

  • Symptoms were reduced by 41% in individuals who felt the fittest.
  • In individuals who were most active, symptoms reduced by 31%.

Levels of immune systems cells do not remain high if you are not active when you are down an out with a cold which is why it is so important to keep pushing yourself to get your daily dose of exercise in.

Unfortunately even the most healthy and fit individuals can be struck down by illness, which for many can be a major shock. No one is invincible so it is important to ensure that you protect yourself and your family financially against such times.

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