Exercise and Say Bowel’s to Cancer!

Cancer can be a scary word, it gets banded around everyday but none of us want to hear it, especially if it is directed at ourselves or our loved ones. So if researchers found that you could reduce your chances of getting such a critical illness by simply doing thirty minutes of exercise a day would you do it?

The research conducted by University of Dundee headed up by Professor Annie Anderson suggests that just half an hour of exercise per day can help reduce the risk of bowel cancer. Professor Anderson stated ‘The physical activity does not even need to be taken all at one time, it can be stretched out over the day.’

When you consider the number of hours we have in a day is it really that hard to find thirty minutes knowing the benefits? The chief nutritional advisor to Bowel Cancer UK stated:

“It doesn’t have to be 30 minutes solid set aside each day, simply 30 minutes throughout the day. It could be a 10 minute brisk walk to the shops and back, walking the children to school or taking the dog out, it all adds up.”

Thirty minutes of exercise a day is not a lot when you compare it to the potential benefits it can give you. Start the habit today, walk rather than taking the bus and take the stairs rather than the lift.

There are a number of easy ways you can get 30 minutes of exercise into your day without even having to try. So why not start today, thirty minutes a day could potentially prolong your life, it’s not that much to ask is it?

There are some useful tips and tricks that can be found on the NHS website to get you in swing of things, why not try the couch to 5k, you never know you might even enjoy it!

The benefits to your health are huge but you could also be saving your pennies, many health insurers provide discounts to medical insurance scheme members who exercise on a regular basis, if you fit the bill and want to review your health insurance to see what you could save or set up a new plan please do not hesitate to get in touch, we are here to help make insurance simple and affordable.