Cherry Juice, Live Healthier and Save More Money!

Recent data published in the journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise has found that Montmorency cherry juice can reduce the damage to muscle tissue which may be caused by dynamic exercise. In findings by Dr Joanna Bowtell – head of Sports and Exercise Science Research, based at London’s South Bank University; in particular the consumption of tart cherry juice appears to lower the risk of damage, as well as make recovery time more prompt.

This is not the first study of its kind and the University of Vermont, Cornell University and the Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine collaborated on a clinical trial to test a tart cherry juice blend. This juice was specifically manufactured for the trials in a highly concentrated form. The study used fourteen male college students in a random, placebo-controlled study. More explicitly, this particular study tested the ability of cherry juice to relieve the pain from muscle damage caused by weightlifting and body building.

The Benefits of Cherry Juice – The Stats

London’s South Bank University found that cherry juice reduces the oxidative damage to muscles and thereby allows for a higher quality and capacity of work out. Because of the aspect of a more speedy recovery; the athletes tested recovered as much as 90% of muscle force after a 24 hour period. This was only 85% of muscle force in the placebo group of athletes who did not drink the cherry juice, and were tested again during the same period of time.

Dr Bowtell also commented that some muscle damage is incurred as a normal part of an exercise programme, but this is actually a typical part of the process of muscle adaption. It is also interesting to note that race horses and humans are the only mammals which suffer from athletic muscle damage of this nature.

Further Study

Getting the balance right is what matters most, and while the anti-inflammatory properties of cherries is not a new discovery, the US study was based on a pain score points structure where the placebo group lost 22 percentage points in comparison to the control group which only lost 4 percentage points. Pain peaked after 24 hours in the athletes drinking the cherry juice while this was 48 hours for the placebo group. The same collaboration is now studying anecdotal evidence that cherry juice may provide an alternative treatment protocol for arthritis and gout sufferers.

But How Can I Save Money?

For those of you who are exercise junkies and could really benefit from drinking cherry juice you should also take advantage of the health insurers that will reduce your premiums for health living. Health Insurance is designed to provide private healthcare treatment when you need it most, given the current length of NHS waiting lists and the lack of funding more and more are turning to the private market. To help encourage individuals to be proactive when it comes to their health a number of health insurers are offering discounted premiums for those who exercise regularly and eat healthily.

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