Are Busy Britons Neglecting Their Health

With instant information and demand to have everything completed yesterday are us Britons neglecting important areas of our lives to keep up this frantic pace?

According to new research from Scottish Widows despite our best efforts, the busy lives we lead leaves many struggling to make space to look after our health and fitness. It seems to be one of the first areas that gets neglected when we are strapped for time.

It is quite scary to think, of the respondents one in three are worried they are neglecting their health more than any other area of their life. Over half of the respondents confessing that they do not put as much emphasis on keeping fit as they feel they should.

With so many day-to-day activities to manage just to keep life ticking over it is no surprise the research found 44% of respondents felt these tasks take up so much of their time it cuts into any potential down time they would like to have.

Why Do We Choose Not to Keep Active

Looking in more detail at those respondents who feel they do not spend enough time keeping fit and healthy, a concerning 36% admit this is simply because they are not worried enough about their health at this moment in time. A further 23% will always put their family’s health needs over their own whilst most frightening of all 23% will only start to pay attention towards their health if they get seriously ill.

How About Some Regular Exercise

For the vast majority of us we all know we could do more exercise so what are our excuses? Well for 37% of those who feel they do not exercise enough they feel they simply don’t have the spare time, 25% just don’t enjoy it while a further 23% believe they cannot afford a gym membership.

It is easy to make excuses but with this attitude many of us may well be putting ourselves at risk of serious health problems. It doesn’t cost a penny to walk out of your front door and go for a stroll or even a run. Taking that leap of faith into the unknown can always be difficult but with local clubs set-up all over the UK to help individuals get active there has been no better time to take that step.