Think Your Healthy? When Was Your Last MOT?

I’ll do it tomorrow, I’ll do it next week, I’ll do it for new year. We all do it, we all plan to get fitter, become healthier and change our lifestyles for the better, but one thing or another gets in the way and it’s our health that gets put off until tomorrow.

But why? It doesn’t matter how much money you have, how high up in your job you become, you are nothing without your health, so why put it at risk?

A recent study by Kellogg’s Optivita has revealed that individuals within the UK are not taking diagnosis of high cholesterol seriously. Results from the study showed:

  • A fifth of the people who had been tested positive for high cholesterol, chose to make no changes to their diet or lifestyle.
  • It was estimated that 1 in 3 women fail to even have a cholesterol test, compared to 1 in 4 men

Cholesterol can have serious effects on your health, Dr Ayan Panja, a medic and GP highlights the seriousness of this condition saying:

“It will actually clog up your arteries and potentially lead to a heart attack or a stroke, that is exactly the reason why we should all be aware of it,”

“If it is high, you can do something about it and make sure you reduce it but you are not going to know whether it is high until you’ve had it tested.”

Your health is your responsibility and health risks such as high cholesterol can have a damaging effect, however you have the ability to change these effects and lower high cholesterol by getting tested and changing your lifestyle. Will you roll the dice and take a gamble, or take control of your own health? The decision is yours, what will you decide?