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Private Limited Company

Company Overview

APRIL UK has gained a strong reputation as a leading health insurance and income protection provider in the UK.

They create essential and innovative health insurance solutions, which offer common sense protection and good value for money.

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April UK Overview

The APRIL UK Private Medical Insurance Plan puts you in control. You can design your own bespoke policy to match your needs and budget. Members can choose to include a range of add-ons to suit their personal requirements, choosing from a menu of comprehensive benefits and discount options.


April UK is a modular product with the option to increase the level of outpatient treatment and include therapies, psychiatric treatment and health cash benefits.


April’s Foundation policy covers cancer treatment in full as standard.


April’s Foundation Hospital List provides nationwide coverage with the option to extend coverage to specific sought after London Hospitals.


April provides a range of underwriting options including full medical underwriting, moratorium (up to age 65) and switching on a (CPME) continued personal medical exclusions basis.


In-Patient & Day-Patient Treatment

The Foundations plan is built on a comprehensive level of inpatient treatment cover with options to upgrade your plan to include a greater level of outpatient treatment cover and additional benefits such as therapies and health cash benefits. Below is an overview of the key areas of cover on April’s Foundation plan.

   In-Patient & Day-Patient Core Cover

Hospital Charges


Covered in Full

Specialist Fees


Covered in Full

Diagnostic Tests


Covered in Full



Covered in Full



Out-patient Treatment

A patient who attends a hospital, consulting room or outpatient clinic and is not admitted as a day patient or in-patient.
Outpatient Treatment Cover

Specialist Consultations


Full Cover / £500 per year / No Cover

Diagnostics Tests


Full Cover / £500 per year / No Cover



Covered in Full

A summary of all options which can either help to reduce your monthly premium or be included in the policy for an additional premium.
Core Policy Options



£0 / £250 / £500
For every claim-free year the policyholders excess will
automatically reduce by £50.

Alternative Therapies


£500 per year
Outpatient Physiotherapy

£500 per year complementary medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic care, osteopathy and homeopathy.

Psychiatric Treatment


Inpatient, day patient and outpatient treatment
£8,000 per policy year

Dental & Optical


Health Cash Benefit
Dental Treatment (£150)
Optical Care (£100)
Accidental Death (£10,000) + more…

A summary of the ancillary benefits which are included in the policy as standard, this list also includes any benefits we have come to expect which are not included.
Additional Benefits

NHS Cash Benefits


£75 per night
Up to 30 nights per annum

Private Ambulance


Covered in Full

Home Nursing


13 weeks per policy year

Emergency Overseas Cover


Not Provided

GP Helpline


Not Provided

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Let us help you find a private medical insurance plan that suits your needs by either completing a health insurance quote online or calling us on 0208 432 7333 to speak with our experts.

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Sam Barr-Worsfold was very helpful and provided excellent customer service. Sam discovered I was paying too much premium for my current cover. Sam recommended and helped moved to a new cover with lower premium that provided the level of cover (terms required stated in the provider's policy) I wanted. I recommend highly recommend Sam and Drewberry Insurance. Thank you Sam.