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Continuing Personal Medical Exclusions (CPME)

You may already have a private medical insurance policy in place but wish to switch to another insurer. This could be because of a change in circumstances, because you require a different level of cover or to save money on your premiums.

If you are planning on switching health insurance providers you might be worried that your pre-existing medical conditions will not be covered by the new insurer. This is of particular concern if you are receiving treatment for that condition through your current insurer.

However, if you switch to another insurer the new insurer may be able to insure you under the same terms as your old policy. This is known as Continuing Personal Medical Exclusions, or CPME.

What is CPME underwriting?

With CPME if you have experienced an injury or illness since the first insurance policy was taken which was not excluded on the first policy then it would not be excluded on the new policy.

Given the complexities with switching insurers and ensuring you are able to claim for the same medical conditions as you can with your incumbent insurer it is always best to speak to an expert, if you need just pop us a call on 0208 432 7333.

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How does CPME underwriting work?

To make arrangements for a policy on a CPME basis you will need to provide the new insurer with your current insurance certificate. The new provider will also asks some questions about your previous medical history and any claims before deciding whether they will offer you a policy on the same terms.

The new insurer will copy any exclusions from your current policy. Therefore if certain medical conditions are excluded they will be excluded on the new policy as well. If there is a period of time for which a condition is excluded on your old policy (a moratorium) they may impose an exclusion period on the new policy.

The insurer may also be able to offer you a no claims discount based on your previous claims history with the old insurer.

It is important to remember that even though the medical exclusions may be copied over from the old provider all the other terms and conditions will not be copied. Therefore you will need to refer to the terms and conditions of the new insurer.



Consult an independent medical insurance broker

Arranging private medical insurance through a broker gives you the peace of mind that the cover is right for you and your particular circumstances.

Your broker can advise you on your options and find you the most competitive premiums as well as discuss which method of underwriting might be the most favourable.

The adviser can even call the underwriters at various insurers to gain an indication of how they would view your case.



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