Does life insurance cover overseas travel?

I’m looking to take out life insurance and was wondering if i would be covered abroad? I take a fair few business trips each year as well as holidays with the family.

Question asked by Sally Hitchcock
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Answered by Rauri Taylor

How the insurers view overseas travel

When setting up life insurance you will complete an application with the insurer (we do this over the telephone with our clients to make life easier) where you will disclose any regular or intended overseas travel. If you disclose travel to a country that is considered extremely dangerous, such as those in the grips of war or civil unrest, then it is likely that insurers will place an exclusion on the plan for those countries or could even decline offering cover altogether.

If your travel plans are less extreme, such as regular short business trips within the EU, North America or Asia, then most insurers will usually offer cover on standard terms (i.e. with no premium rise or exclusions). The same is true for holiday plans to countries deemed to be safe. Insurers usually take the UK governments advice at the time of accepting a life insurance application as to which countries are considered unsafe to travel. You can find the government’s risk rating per country here.

Once your policy has been accepted and there are no country exclusions on the plan (because you had no intention of travelling anywhere dangerous at the time you completed your application) then you would generally be covered anywhere in the world, even if you chose to travel to particularly dangerous countries where the government’s advice was not to travel.

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