Working Parents Feel Supported in their Career

From recent data revealed by Axa Icas it has been found that working parents are feeling more supported than ever in the workplace.

The providers LifeManagement Employee Support Helpline have seen calls from worried parents and parents-to-be drop by 59% as organisations and parents are reaching a better work-life balance arrangement.

There has been significant legislation introduced over the past five years supporting parents who work and are looking to go back into work after having a child. Changes such as flexible working, childcare support and changes in the maternity and paternity rights have helped new parents achieve greater balance between their home lives and career allowing them to have the best of both worlds.

There is a vast abundance of research showing the benefits or organisations investing in their employees for the long term and Axa Icas have the same views. Employee turnover costs can be as much as £12,000 per employee, whereas investing in staff by providing a well rounded reward package including health and well-being support, including maternity and childcare support will cost a fraction of the turnover costs.

There should be a mutual respect between the employee and the organisation, both should support and value each other. Only when the value and support network is truly two way can their be true engagement in the organisation.