Wakey Wakey! Are Your Employees Half Asleep?

Are your employees full of energy and raring to go? No, well this maybe because they are still half asleep.

According to, ‘How are you Britain?’, a study conducted by BUPA, UK workers aren’t getting the sleep they need. In order to try and catch up on sleepless nights more employees are taking extra sick days, which is having a costly effect on UK businesses. It has been estimated that businesses are losing around £1.6 billion pounds every year, as a result of employees lack of sleep.

The study, by Bupa, revealed that 27% of the UK workforce do not wake up feeling refreshed and energised, rather they are lethargic and unrested. Those who did get themselves to work said that it was no easy feat, revealing that at least 20 times a year they had to really push themselves to get up and go.

Other results revealed that:

  • Compared to refreshed employees, sleep deprived workers were less satisfied and productive in their jobs.
  • Males are less likely to take days off due to lack of sleep, compared to women who are 35% more likely to.
  • Only 39% of employees aged between 45 and 59 are getting over 7 hours sleep a night compared to 55% of employees under 29.
  • Employees within banking and finance suffered the most from lack of sleep.

Are your employees tired? Are they with you in body but not necessarily in mind? Do you want to wake them up and get them raring to go? Well you can’t sing them a lullaby to help them get a good night sleep, but you can offer health benefits, which will motivate them to switch on and be on top form.

It is so important to create the right work-life balance for your staff, many of the group health insurance products now in the market offer additional benefits to help keep your employees motivated out of the office. Whether it is a discount gym membership, yoga classes or a cycle to work scheme there are many benefits available to motivate and engage your people.