Organisations Set to Develop their Health Benefits

A recent survey of 257 HR managers has found that many employers hope to improve upon their current range of healthcare benefits. The survey conducted by SimplyHealth suggests one in four organisations are looking at ways they can extend their employee health benefits.

The survey fits very well with the current speculation of potential cuts in NHS and level of services the it provides. When questioned on who holds the responsibility of the nations health, 64% of respondents agreed the responsibility was shared between the individual, their employer, the community and the government.

Looking specifically at providing healthcare benefits for employees, the key motivator for 33% of respondents for implementing schemes was the concern for employee health and wellbeing.

A further 30% have the belief that high staff morale improves productivity which in turn increases profitability. Only 8% of those questioned had a desire to reduce sickness and absence.

The most interesting result of all was to see that one in four organisations believe the individual has the sole responsibility of looking out for their health.

Looking in more detail at the areas of employees health employers feel they have a level of responsibility we find 76% agreeing on their role in helping with employee stress reduction. A further 69% felt responsibility to an extent for their employees work/life balance.

Other issues that many felt lay outside of the company remit including smoking cessation and weight loss

James Glover, Simplyealth’s corporate sales and marketing director, said: “It’s apparent that companies are seriously having to consider the role they play in supporting employees and indeed, the greater good.”

If you are an organisation considering implementing an employee health insurance scheme or even simply reviewing an existing plan we are here to help. Our aim is to make insurance simple and affordable, please do not hesitate to get in touch.