Is the Life Blood of Your Company Reaching its Potential?

What is the one thing any business cannot survive without?

A flood of answers will come to mind, money, a product or service, a good environment, communication. All of these things, yes, are important to the successful running of a business, but not the most vital.

So what’s missing? That’s right your employees! Without employees any business comes to a complete standstill, so it is important to look after them and provide them with appropriate benefits.

Every business wants to get the most out of their employees, as lets face it they are life blood of your company. Employees define businesses, so it is important that they to reach their full potential, not only for their own personal satisfaction but for the overall wellbeing of your business. One way to ensure your staff work to their full potential is to motivate them to do so, by offering them incentives

Small gestures can help to improve your employees well-being. Tonic, a wellbeing consultancy, recently toured the UK with its wellness programmes with the aim of highlighting key strategies to optimum health and well-being, as well as motivating individuals to agree to positive healthy living behaviour changes.

Tonic, took the opportunity to conduct a survey and asked employees what their priorities for change were. Results revealed:

  • 39% said getting more exercise was a top priority.
  • 22% wanted to eat more healthily.

Exercise and healthier eating were not the only popular objectives. Some individuals wanted to improve their work-life balance and lose weight, whereas others desired to improve their stress management.

Toni Archer of Tonic commented:

“Properly researched and targeted wellness programmes help staff take appropriate action, quickly and effectively, to enable them to experience the benefits of a healthier lifestyle immediately.

“As soon as they begin to feel better, particularly in relation to their energy levels, their confidence and their personal effectiveness, the pay off for each individual and for the business as a whole is immense.”

A benefit that could well cost very little to deliver could provide immense value for both your employees and your bottom line. Happy and motivated employees are more efficient and produce better results.