Doctor Offered Sausages As Employee Benefit

When most people think about employee benefits the mind goes to health insurance, life insurance, an employee pension scheme or maybe even discounted gym membership, but never sausages.

Despite this, residents in the German village of Lette have offered whoever becomes their new doctor a number of employee benefits provided by local businesses, including free sausages!

The local residents of Lette have been without a Doctor since September when their previous Doctor retired and have now taken matters into their own hands in order to attract new applicants.

As one of the local businesses to step up with their own private remuneration strategy, the butcher’s is offering free meat based lunches and a sausage feast when the new Doctor starts work.

Free Haircuts Anyone?

Other local businesses offering new employee perks includes a hotel offering free housing until the new Doctor finds somewhere to live and the local florist is even offering free flower arrangements for the surgery.

The new Doctor can also enjoy free haircuts at the local solon and fresh bread rolls every day from the local baker.

Given the level of media publicity these offers have received maybe every company should start offering six free sausages every month for each year of service as a new staff attraction and retention tool!