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The amount of cover declines over the lifetime of your policy, it is most suited for protecting a repayment mortgage.
Life Insurance (£)

Required - The level of life insurance you require will affect your monthly premium.

Please update this field with a sum which would provide an adequate payout should you pass away.

Critical Illness Cover (£)

Required - The level of critical illness cover you require will affect your monthly premium.

Please update this field with a sum which would provide an adequate payout should you suffer a serious illness.

Length of Cover

Required We need to know how long you want cover for to get your policy in place. For decreasing cover it's usually best to align the length of your policy with the number of years remaining on your mortgage; for level cover you might want to think about a date where your dependants will no longer be reliant on you.

Please note our insurers cover a maximum period of 50 years and you may not be older than 90 when you want your cover to end.

Is it worth splitting this out into three different warnings/is that at all possible/is it worth the time it will take?

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Need help? Call us on 02084327333 - Our in-house Experts are here to provide Whole of Market Advice!
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We simply want to make your life easier and sometimes it just makes more sense to pick up the phone.

We work hard to make sure we know all the insurance products we offer inside out and back to front. Things aren't always black and white, sometimes further information is required and often there are products we cannot quote online which may be more appropriate.

Please note - We pride ourselves on doing the best by our clients which means we will never pass your contact details on to third parties.

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