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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Drewberry charge for their service?

    We don’t charge a fee for our service. This is because, when it comes to protecting things as important as your health and finances, it shouldn’t cost the earth.

    Instead, we work closely with our providers, and when we set up a policy with one of their products, they provide us with a finder’s fee.

    As a result, we can offer our 5-star service with no fee attached, and you can focus on protecting what’s important to you.

  • Can I take out a policy online?

    Yes, you can take out a policy online through Drewberry. Simply select the ‘Apply Online’ option once you’ve completed a quote form.

    If you want to speak to an adviser, select the ‘Call Me’ option. You can also find the details for an Independent Protection expert at the top of the quote results page.

    You’ll only speak to one person from start to finish, with a direct email and phone number to reach them. No need to worry about automated messages or explaining your situation every time you speak to us.

  • What providers does Drewberry compare?

  • Do I need Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance to take out a mortgage?

    No, it’s not compulsory to have Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance to take out a mortgage.

    Although it isn’t compulsory, we recommended that you take some steps to protect a financial commitment as big as a mortgage.

    The question to ask is, how long would you be able to keep up with your mortgage payments if you couldn’t work? If the answer is not long, you might consider looking into how you can protect what you’ve worked hard to build.

  • What are the different types of Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance?

    There are three main types of Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance:

    • Accident & Sickness Insurance
      This is the most common form of Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance. Some people add Unemployment Insurance to their policy.
    • Unemployment Insurance
      If you are made forcibly redundant through no fault of your own, Unemployment Insurance will make sure you can cover your monthly mortgage payments. In order to claim your benefit with this type of cover you will need to be registered with the relevant government agency as unemployed and be actively looking for work.
    • Joint Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance
      This type of Insurance is available, although not very common. It covers only the portion of the mortgage for whoever suffers from accident, illness or unemployment. We usually set up separate policies for people with a joint mortgage because the price difference is very small.
  • What’s the difference between Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance and Income Protection?

    Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPPI) and Income Protection (IP) are similar in the way they provide cover. They both pay out monthly to cover your expenses if you’re unable to work because of an accident or illness. Unemployment is also available with both.

    There are some differences, though:

    Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance can be effective and affordable protection for a mortgage if you’re unable to work.

    Income Protection is a more comprehensive option. It covers up to 70% of your monthly earnings, which is useful if you need to cover more than your mortgage. It can also provide long-term protection and can cover you for your ‘own occupation’.

  • What affects the monthly premiums of Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance?

    The cost of monthly premiums for Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance depends on a variety of factors, including:

    • Age
    • Health and lifestyle (e.g. whether you smoke)
    • Occupation
    • Amount of mortgage repayments
    • Length of cover
    • Deferral period
  • Can we get Joint Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance?

    Yes, if you have a joint mortgage, you can get Joint Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance. It will provide cover if one of you falls ill, has an accident or becomes unemployed.

    We usually recommend that people take out separate Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance policies because the price difference is minimal.

  • Are there any exclusions for mortgage payment protection?

    Exclusions can differ between insurers, but there are some common ones to look out for:

    • Pre-existing medical conditions (MPPI isn’t usually medically underwritten, so you might not know what’s excluded until you claim)
    • Illness or injury related to pre-existing medical conditions
    • Self-inflicted injury or illness
    • Normal pregnancy/childbirth
    • Unemployment when given fair warning during the exclusion period
    • Unemployment after part-time, temporary or intermittent employment
    • Voluntary unemployment (unless it’s to become a carer)
    • Dismissal because of misconduct
  • What’s a deferral period?

    A deferral period (sometimes called an excess period) is the amount of time you need to be out of work before you can claim on your Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance.

    The shortest deferral period for Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance is 30 days and you’ll have to wait another 30 days to receive your first payment, unless you opt for back to day one cover.

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