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Bright Grey Life Insurance

Personal Protection




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Company Overview

Bright Grey was formed to be a forward thinking personal and business protection specialist working closely with the intermediary market.

Owned by Royal London since 2003, Bright Grey re-branded in late 2015 and now operates solely under the Royal London brand.

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Life Insurance Overview

Bright Grey’s life insurance will provide your family with a guaranteed lump sum or a monthly income if you die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

You can decide what kind of cover you want, depending on your circumstances choosing between an amount that stays the same (a level term), an amount that goes down with your outstanding mortgage (a decreasing term) or a lump sum that goes up with inflation (indexed).

Bright Grey also offer the option for a monthly family income benefit.


Bright Grey paid 98% of Life Insurance claims in 2014.


Bright Grey have a Helping Hand support service provided by RedArc and HCML which connects you to specialist nurse advisers and other services when you need them most.


Optional critical illness cover with 53 illness definitions of which 15 exceed ABI guidelines.


Children are covered automatically for up to 50% of the main cover or £25,000 depending on which is lower.


Bright Grey Policy Conditions

An overview of the key policy details of Bright Grey Life Insurance proposition.

   Overview of Key Policy Details

Policy Type

Term Assurance

Policy Options

Level Term Insurance, Decreasing Term Insurance and Family Income Benefit

Policy Coverage

Single & Joint cover available on first death basis only


Full Medical Underwriting

Premium Type

Guaranteed for Life Cover
Reviewable options are available with the Life or Critical Illness Cover

Terminal Illness Cover


Optional Critical Illness Cover

Bright Grey also offer Life or Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illnesses Covered

48 critical illnesses are covered with 41 of those available with full cover

Children’s Critical Illness Cover

Yes with the critical illness cover option



Waiver of Premium


Maximum Cover

£10,000,000 or £1,000,000 for Life cover with critical illness

Minimum Cover

Determined by the minimum premium

Max. Policy Term

40 years

Min. Policy Term

5 years

Min. Entry Age

18 years of age

Max. Entry Age

  • 83 for life cover
  • 64 years of age for life cover with critical illness

Guaranteed Insurability

You can increase your cover in the event of marriage, an increased mortgage or becoming a parent

Policy Exclusions

Self-inflicted injury within the first 12 months of the plan or diagnosis of a terminal illness in the last 12 months of the plan

Application Process

We can arrange for a paper application, however we would recommend that you complete your application with one of our independent insurance experts over the telephone on 0208 432 7333.

This is to ensure that you have not missed anything and will not risk any failed claims due to non-disclosure in the future

Claims Telephone Number

Access to medical, legal, career and personal helplines.

Call 0845 6094 500 to register a claim

Other Bright Grey Policies

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Drewberry reviews Bright Grey Life Insurance…

As part of the Royal London Group, Bright Grey has the financial strength and standing to offer secure and comprehensive protection products to its clients.

The life insurance policies available with Bright Grey are also particularly flexible offering a range of payout options including a level, decreasing and indexed term.

Not only that, you can also opt for a monthly income payout that could help you family cover an regular financial commitments should the worst happen. A decreasing term is particularly useful to help you pay the remaining amount on your mortgage.

Bright Grey also offer a mortgage repayment guarantee option, providing you with the reassurance that you won’t leave your family with the burden of mortgage repayments in the event of your death or diagnosis of terminal illness.



Bright Grey Life Insurance – Questions and Answers

A series of commonly asked questions with regards to the policy coverage of the Bright Grey Life Insurance policies.

Q. I am not sure a lump sum pay out would suit my requirements. Are there any other options with Bright Grey’s Life Insurance?

A. Yes. One of the key benefits of a life insurance policy with Bright Grey is that they offer a flexible range of options on the benefit paid out to your family on the event of your death or terminal illness.

You can select a level term whereby the policy pays out a set lump sum. A decreasing term, which will drop with your mortgage or an income benefit that pays out a monthly income to your family. Helping to cover any monthly financial commitments.

Q. Can I increase the level of my life insurance cover at any time with Bright Grey?

A. In certain circumstances you will be able to increase the level of cover including marriage, becoming a parent or an increased mortgage.

Most insurance providers offer guaranteed insurability options (GIOs), please take a moment to speak to one of our independent insurance experts to find out which one best suits your specific requirements on 0208 432 7333.

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