Does Life Insurance Cover the Coronavirus?

I’m concerned about my whether my Life Insurance will pay out if I get coronavirus. Now it’s spread to the UK, will my Life Insurance pay out if I get coronavirus and pass away?

Question asked by Mrs M Mitchell

Will My Life Insurance Pay Out if I Die from Coronavirus?

Yes, in most circumstances your  Life Insurance policy will pay out if you unfortunately contract coronavirus and pass away, assuming you took out the cover before contracting the virus.

This means that if you have a policy in force and you contract the virus and subsequently pass away, you should be covered by the policy. Most insurers prepare for the losses a pandemic might bring with reinsurance, so this shouldn’t impact your policy in any way.

There don’t tend to be exclusions for pandemics as standard in most Life Insurance policies and we’re not aware (as of February 6th 2020) of any insurer looking to exclude coronavirus from their coverage.

Is Coronavirus Covered by New Life Insurance Policies?

If you take out a new Life Insurance policy from today, then it’s common to be asked questions about travel when you take out a policy.

If you attempt to take out a new Life Insurance policy and there’s been recent travel to China or you’re being investigated for the virus, there’s likely going to be a postponement of the underwriting decision until the insurer has more information or any tests required have come back all-clear.

Other than recent travel to mainland China or being under suspicion of having the virus, there shouldn’t be much preventing you from taking out Life Insurance that will provide coverage for almost all causes of death, including coronavirus.

Depending on the progression of the virus, there may be additional questions added to new applicants for Life Insurance about recent travel to China that would flag up for investigation by the insurer’s underwriting team, but this shouldn’t impact policies already in force.

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