Medicash Corporate Health Cash Plan [Review]

Who Are Medicash?

Founded in 1871, Medicash is one of the UK’s oldest Health Cash Plan providers. It is also one of the best, having won numerous awards.

This includes the Corporate Adviser awards ‘Best Cash Plan Provider’ and ‘5-Star Provider Service’ awards in 2022.

Alongside its awards, Medicash is also rated as ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot with a 4.8 out of 5 star rating. This comes off the back of nearly 3,500 reviews.

Medicash Corporate Health Cash Plan

With more than 385,000 customers, Medicash is one of the biggest UK providers of Corporate health cash plans.

Offering a cash plan is a valuable employee benefit that allows your staff to recoup the costs of everyday health treatments. For example, they could claim a refund for the cost of eyewear, dental costs and prescriptions.

A Medicash plan will not only cover your employees’ everyday healthcare costs, but it will also offer a wide range of digital and virtual wellbeing tools including:

  • Virtual GP
  • SkinVision
  • Mental Health Support
  • Gym Discounts

Medicash Corporate Health Cash Plan Overview

Medicash’s Health Cash Plan includes the following features:

  • Tiered Cover
    With cover starting at 95p per week, there are many choices to provide cover for your team, even on a budget
  • Quick Claims Process
    By uploading a photo or screenshot of their receipt, employees can submit their cashback claims in a matter of minutes
  • Virtual GP
    Your employees will have 24/7 access to phone and video consultations with a GP, so they can book appointments at the most convenient times
  • Skin Cancer Screening
    SkinVision uses AI to screen skin issues and carry out a cancer risk assessment within 30 seconds, helping spot the early signs of skin cancer
  • Physiotherapy
    Staff will be able to use Phio, a clinically-led assessment app, to manage their physiotherapy treatment from home
  • Mental Health Support
    Medicash provides a number of 24/7 helplines to help staff talk through issues such as work stress, bereavement, and smoking awareness.

What Does Medicash’s Corporate Health Cash Plan Cover?

A company health cash plan from Medicash is a valuable employee benefit that helps staff pay for everyday health expenses. They can claim a refund on costs for optical care, dental care and therapeutic treatments.

Once an employee has paid up front for an eligible treatment, they can submit their receipt on the Medicash app to claim a reimbursement. Refunds are usually paid within a maximum of 5 working days up to the agreed limit on the plan. The core cover a plan offers is outlined below.

Core Cover

Medicash offer different levels of its Corporate Health Cash Plan, however all plans give employees access to the following benefits.

‘My Medicash’ App

Staff can use the My Medicash app to view all their policy details and benefits, update their bank details, and submit claims on-the-go. They’ll also be able to view a summary of their claims, so employees will know if they’re nearing the cover limit. If they reach the limit, they won’t be able to claim any more reimbursement in the remaining policy year.

Routine Dental Treatments

Most routine treatments are covered up to your chosen cover limit. This includes check-ups, fillings, scaling, cleaning, extractions, root canals, and other minor surgery.

Dental Accident & Injury

This covers your employees if they receive an injury to their teeth and gums from a direct impact to the outside of their mouth. For example, it would cover a broken tooth from playing sports or from a fall, but not from eating something difficult to chew.

Optical Cover

The optical cover can be used towards eye tests as well as treatments. Members can claim for the cost of glasses, contact lenses, and laser eye surgery.

Virtual GP & Prescription Service

Your staff will also be able to book a consultation with a GP through the Medicash app. GPs are available for appointments 24/7 and can prescribe medication if necessary. Any prescriptions can be delivered to the employee, or to a local pharmacy for collection. Employees will still need to settle the cost of the prescription in their usual way.

Prescriptions, Inoculations & Flu Jabs

Another great benefit is that employees are covered for the cost of prescriptions and some vaccinations, up to the policy limit. After paying for their prescription or inoculation, they’ll be able to submit their receipt through the app for reimbursement.

Specialist Consultations, Diagnostic Tests & Scans

This covers your workforce if they need to pay for a consultation with a registered specialist or certain diagnostic tests. They’ll be able to reclaim some of these expenses within the policy limits. X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans and PET scans are all covered.

Best Doctors

The Best Doctors InterConsultation™ uses medical experts who are voted the best in their field by their peers. This service allows your employees to receive a deeper insight on a diagnosed medical condition. The expert might offer a second opinion on the diagnosis, or discuss the most appropriate treatment plan.

Complementary Therapies

Back, neck and shoulder pain can be common in office workers and manual workers alike. There are a range of treatments Medicash covers, which can help with these musculoskeletal conditions. Employees can claim towards physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic treatments, acupuncture and sports massages. However, sports therapy and general fitness sessions are not covered.

Alternative Therapies

Employees can be reimbursed for other treatments that aren’t covered under complementary therapies. This includes allergy tests, nutrition tests, homeopathy, reflexology, Reiki and Indian head massages. Hypnotherapy is also covered, but only as part of a treatment plan. Weight management programmes, beauty treatments and general fitness sessions aren’t eligible, however.

Health Screening

Staff can also have their costs reimbursed for a private health screen once in each policy year. A medically qualified and insured practitioner needs to carry out the health screen at a hospital or clinic.

Nadeem Farid Head of Employee Benefits at Drewberry

Your employees’  can also cover their children on Medicash’s Corporate Health Cash Plan at no extra cost when it comes to certain benefits.

Up to four dependent children can be added onto the policy. The children will remain on the policy until they reach age 18, or age 24 if they’re still in full-time education. They’ll receive half the amount of cover their parents are entitled to.

Nadeem Farid
Head of Health & Wellbeing

Additional Cover

When it comes to the level of cash back employees can get with a health cash plan, Medicash offer three different plan options. Each come with the core cover detailed above, however offer different amounts when it comes to what can be claimed back. The options are:

  • Plus
  • Pro-active
  • Medicash Bespoke.

In the section below we go into more detail about how these options differ.

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Hows Does Medicash Pro-Active, Plus & Bespoke Differ?

As mentioned above the plan you choose for your employees will impact the amount of money they can claim back for certain health care.


Medicash’s Plus option provides three levels of cover for the core cover mentioned above. Below you can see how much your employees could claim back for everyday health costs.


Unlike Medicash’s Plus plan, Proactive offers four levels of cover. It also offers your employees a separate Chiropody benefit.

Bespoke Medicash Corporate Health Cash Plan

As business you also have the option of creating a health cash plan completely bespoke to you and your employees needs. This can provide greater control over the benefits you want to provide your staff.

Additional Benefits

The cover provided by the benefits above will vary depending on the product and tier you choose. On top of that, there are some extra benefits that come as standard with all Medicash plans. These are all digital benefits, which are available on the My Medicash app.


With skin cancer being one of the most common forms of cancer in the UK, Medicash recognises that spotting the signs early is invaluable. Their AI tracker, SkinVision, can assess skin spots and moles within 30 seconds, to identify whether cancer might be present. If signs of skin cancer are present, your employees will have clear signposting of how to proceed and guidance on their next steps.

Mental Health Support

If you’ve included an Employee Assistance Programme in your scheme, staff will also be able to use the My Medicash app for issues with their mental health. This includes speaking to qualified counsellors via a helpline or during a counselling session.


Back, neck and shoulder pain are among the leading causes of sickness-related absences. To combat this, Medicash offers a fast solution in the form of Phio. It’s a clinically-led physiotherapy assessment app, which provides remote access to physiotherapy treatment 24/7.

Phio can adapt to more than 3,000 different musculoskeletal scenarios and track users’ progress. This helps your employees undergo treatment from the comfort of their own home.


To support your team’s overall wellbeing, Medicash provides access to their mProve YOURSELF app. Staff can track their workouts, sleep, and mindfulness to see where they might wish to improve their habits. They can then use the app to follow guided meditations, use fitness and yoga videos for their workouts, and read through self-help guides.

Gym Discounts

Keeping your workforce fit and healthy can help to prevent them from developing serious illnesses later on. In turn, this makes them less likely to miss work with sickness-related absences. Through the My Medicash app, your employees can claim discounts on several health and fitness services, including gym memberships and joining fees at:

  • Virgin Health
  • Fitness First
  • David Lloyd
  • PureGym
  • The Gym Group.

Staff who prefer working out at home can also save money. They’ll be entitled to discounts on a range of online fitness subscriptions and products. Les Mills+ subscriptions, FIIT memberships, the Fitbit range, and Digme exercise bikes are all included.

Medicash Extras

To give your employees even more savings, Medicash provides extra discounts and rewards at a number of retailers. Staff can use discount codes to save money on brands like Samsung, Ray-Ban, and Expedia. They can also earn WOWPoints through their shopping, which can later be redeemed as discount vouchers for future purchases.

How Much Does Medicash Cost?

Medicash plans are known to be a very affordable employee benefit, with some tiers costing as little as 95p per employee, per month.

The health cash plans come at set tiers based on the level of cover you want and the number of employees to be included. Once you’ve chosen your product; Proactive, Plus or Bespoke, you’ll select the tier of cover you’d like and any add-ons. Then, the only other factor affecting cost will be the size of your group.

Example Cost

To give some examples, the tables below show the monthly costs for different Medicash plans. We’ve based the quotes on a company wanting to get cover for 10 employees.

Health Cash Plan Costs


(per month)

(per month)

Level 1



Level 2



Level 3



Level 4


Figures correct as of September 2022

The above costings don’t include an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). However this can be added for a standard rate of 65p per employee, per month.

Get Expert Help Setting Up Your Medicash Corporate Health Cash Plan

Having so many options to choose from means there’s lots to consider when setting up a Medicash Corporate Health Cash plan. Your budget, your team’s priority and your wellbeing strategy will all be important factors.

Our employee benefits experts are here to help and make sure you get the most suitable cover for your circumstances. Having a qualified intermediary arrange your cover saves you a time-consuming job. We can also use our negotiating power to get you the best possible rates.

To speak to one of the team call 02074425880 or email

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