Does Income Protection Cover Coronavirus?

Does Income Protection cover the coronavirus? I’m concerned about the spread of coronavirus to the UK and was wondering if an Income Protection policy covers coronavirus if it keeps me off work?

Question asked by Mr B Smith

Does Income Protection Cover Coronavirus?

If you’re unable to work for longer than your deferred period as a result of the coronavirus, you’ll most likely be covered by your Income Protection policy providing you developed the virus after the policy went live.

This means you’ll start to receive a monthly benefit equivalent to a proportion of your salary until you’re well enough to return to work or until your payment period is up (this will depend on your policy’s terms and conditions).

There are no exclusions for pandemics on most Income Protection policies and, as of February 6th 2020, we aren’t aware of any insurers which are planning to add them.

Will a New Income Protection Policy Cover Coronavirus?

Providing you don’t already have the virus when you apply for the policy, i.e. it’s not a pre-existing condition, most insurers will most likely cover the coronavirus going forwards.

Depending on how the situation unfolds, insurers may look to impose more stringent underwriting restrictions on new applicants who’ve recently travelled to mainland China, perhaps with additional screenings or a postponement for a set period.

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