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Scottish Provident Income Protection

Self Assurance




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Company Type


Company Overview

Acquired by the Royal London in 2008, Scottish Provident with their heritage and protection expertise were brought under the Royal London banner to compliment their existing protection business, Bright Grey.

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Income Protection Overview

A traditional income protection product held within Scottish Provident’s Self Assurance suite, this particular policy becomes more competitive the older the applicant.


Scottish Provident use an ‘Own Occupation’ incapacity definition for the vast majority of occupations…


The Scottish Provident product has a core premium which is guaranteed for the full term of your policy…


It is important to note as is still the case with many insurers Scottish Provident do not publish their claims statistics…


The Scottish Provident product has an application which includes full medical underwriting so you know exactly where you stand from the outset…


Scottish Provident Policy Conditions

An overview of the key policy details of Scottish Provident Income Protection Solutions proposition.

Overview of Key Policy Details

Policy Type

Income Protection
Accident & Sickness Only
(Option to bolt-on Unemployment Cover)



Premium Type

Reviewable option also available

Maximum Claim Duration

Until the end of the plan or when you are able to return to work, whichever is sooner.

Incapacity Definition

Own Occupation
Incapacity definition for the majority of occupations. Only the most high risk occupations having a work tasks definition.

Deferred Period

4 / 13 / 26 / 52 weeks


When selected Scottish Provident will annually increase your benefit by the Retail Price Index whilst the premium will rise by 1.4 x Retail Price Index.

Waiver of Premium


Maximum Cover
(% Income)

50% Gross
Taxable Earnings

Maximum Cover
(£ per month)


Max. Policy Cease Age

65 years old

Min. Policy Term

5 years

Min. Entry Age

18 years old

Max. Entry Age

59 years old

Guaranteed Insurability

  • Mortgage Increase
  • Marriage or Civil Partnership
  • Childbirth or Adoption
  • Over 10% Increase in Salary

Guaranteed Benefit

Not Available

Overseas Travel

World-wide cover is available. However, when making a claim, the insured person must normally be in the UK or within the specified geographical limits.

The geographical limits are: European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, USA and Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa and New Zealand.

Policy Exclusions

  • Self Inflicted Injuries
  • Residing abroad for more than 12 months.
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Drewberry reviews Scottish Provident Self Assurance…

The Scottish Provident Disability Income Benefit policy is a traditional long-term income protection policy. Although the policy does not have many additional benefits it does contain all the core features of a leading income insurance plan.

Key Comparison Points

  • If you are a very manual worker you may wish to look to another insurer (such as Exeter Family Friendly or British Friendly) as Scottish Provident are unlikely to provide Own Occupation cover;
  • Care needs to be taken when comparing the premiums offered by Scottish Provident when the inflation Indexation Option is included as this insurer would increase your premiums by 1.4 times inflation but only increase your cover by inflation (LV and AEGON would not do this, for example);
  • If you are looking to use the policy to protect a mortgage then Scottish Provident would allow you to add unemployment cover to your policy (LV have a policy where you can include redundancy cover without this mortgage specific requirement).

Policy exclusions

The Scottish Provident income protection policy does not have any standard exclusions. However, in order to make a claim you would need to be in one of their specified countries (with the main countries being the USA, Canada, countries within the EU, South Africa and Australia).

Financial strength

Being part of the Royal London Group (along with Bright Grey), Scottish Provident is part of one of the largest insurance groups in the UK, having been formed back in 1861. The group as a whole serves 3.1 million customers.



Scottish Provident Income Protection – Questions and Answers

A series of commonly asked questions with regards to the policy coverage of the Scottish Provident disability benefit product.

Q. If I take out this Scottish Provident policy is there any type of exclusion period before a claim can be made?

A. Income protection policies do not have exclusion periods, so you are covered as soon as the policy goes on risk.

As this type of cover is medically underwritten at the point of application the insurer should have sufficient information in order to make a decision as to whether they can offer cover and, if so, on what terms. Sometimes the insurer may feel it necessary place an exclusion on the plan (or increase the premiums) when a recent medical condition has been disclosed.

Please note that the initial deferred period is not an exclusion period, it is simply the length of time you would need to be off work incapacitated before the policy kicks-in (you should see your doctor and inform the insurer as soon as you cease working).

Q. Does this policy have anything in there to say that it could only payout for 12 months? Most of the plans that I’ve seen can only payout short-term, which wouldn’t be very good if I get something serious.

A. It is important to note that income payment protection plans payout for either 12 or 24 months so make sure not to confuse the two types of cover. Along with their short-term nature, as payment protection policies typically only cover people using the suited occupation definition of incapacity we do not tend to recommend them.

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