Nick Avery

Independent Protection Expert


Nick is a core member of our protection insurance team and is able to provide advice on a wide range of products.

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Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00

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  Critical Illness Cover

Quick Fire Questions

Tea or Coffee?
Tea. Not a fan of coffee at all.

Biscuit or Cake?
Biscuits. I am a sucker for a chocolate digestive.

Cats or Dogs?
Tough one, but I would have to say cats as I've just recently purchased two kittens.

What animal are you?
Probably a tortoise, since my girlfriend seems to think I resemble one.

Favourite colour?

Favourite Song / Artist
Oasis/Rolling Stones, toss up between the two.

Biggest Life Lesson
Start saving early!

Favourite Destination

Nick's role at Drewberry

Nick is a core member of our protection insurance team and is able to provide advice on a wide range of products. Nick is committed to providing first class advice to clients with a wide variety of needs and ensuring that the people he speaks to find the confidence to make the decisions that are right for them.

Insurance Tip

Top Insurance Tip

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to filling out applications. What you don't mention at the start might come back to bite you later on, so don't leave out any information that might be important.

Who is Nick Avery?

Nick has gained valuable experience in customer service through various client facing roles, including positions in retail and IT recruitment. He also spent 4 and a half years with the army, based in Cyprus for the majority of his career, and returned to Brighton to sink his teeth into something completely new, subsequently finding his way into the insurance industry.

What else does Nick do?

Nick is from Brighton and a big Brighton & Hove Albion fan. After college he spent three months in Asia and also had the opportunity to see more of the world when he joined the army. While he was based out in Cyprus with the army, he was able to travel to Belize and Jordan.

His hobbies include supporting the Albion and watching them on the weekends. He also enjoys playing football and rugby in his free time. At the moment, he also has his hands full taking care of two lively kittens he recently welcomed into his home.

What our clients say...

5 Star Review
Very efficient service
Michael Boyle - 03/07/2018

Nick was very professional offering great personal service for my financial needs.

5 Star Review
Made things simple...
D Bruce – 18/05/2018

Really knowledgeable and made things simple. Willing to talk through lots of options and genuinely recommend the best policy for the circumstances.