Drewberry™ provide pensions, investment and insurance advice for Money to the Masses readers throughout the UK.

Get financial advice in London, Cannon Street

Financial Advice in London

Regulated Financial Advisers on London’s Cannon Street…

We provide a wide range of financial advice services in London, including but not limited to…

  • Pensions advice
  • Investment advice
  • Insurance advice
  • Tax advice
  • General financial planning advice

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How Financial Advice Should Be…

Drewberry was the brainchild of Andrew Jenkinson and Tom Conner.

Since its launch in 2009, the Drewberry philosophy has been to cut jargon, invest in technology that empowers our clients and deliver ‘better than best’ levels of customer service when acting as their financial advisers.

London Pension Advice

We’ve built technology into our financial advice process from the outset rather than trying to retrofit a creaking legacy system with the latest bells and whistles.

By coupling market leading technology with expert advisers we are able to provide a 5 star service and ensure individuals and business throughout the UK are getting the quality of financial advice they deserve.

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Pensions Advice

Income Protection

Financial advice in London, Brighton and beyond…

Drewberry’s ethos is that every client deserves the best financial advice we can give them, we may be a London financial adviser in terms of our address, but we use our Brighton and London businesses as hubs with a far wider reach.

Going the extra mile for our clients is the cornerstone of our approach, we strive to offer the best financial advice for the benefit of our clients.


Online financial advice: With you wherever you are in the UK

Thanks to the technology our Brighton- and London-based advisers have at their fingertips, they can offer our customers access to the best financial advice no matter where they are in the country.

Financial Advice Client Stories

Financial Advice Client Stories

Pension transfer advice unearths buried treasure for leading lawyer

Dentist Rajpreet drills into income protection

Psychologist analyses her income protection options

Our Secret Advice Formula for Providing Unbiased Financial Advice in London

Our secret formula for offering the best financial advice we can

At Drewberry, we don’t do generic advice. Our focus has always been on treating you as an individual from the outset, finding out what your needs are and aiming to provide a solution and financial advice that works for you as a person, not a customer reference number. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you need our financial advisors are here to help clients from every walk of life.

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Tom Conner Founder & Director, Drewberry Wealth

“When you get the advice right, the sales take care of themselves. In 2015 alone, Drewberry placed over £1 billion worth of risk with UK insurers and we went on to place still more in 2016.

“Today we have enough satisfied customers to fill the Royal Albert Hall more than twice over. What’s more, we’re proud to say that our dedication to customer service has result in Drewberry’s five-star reviews outnumbering those of any other financial advisor of similar size.”

Tom Conner
Founder & Director, Drewberry

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Our financial services in London

We offer professional, fee-based financial planning services in London to clients of all ages and all backgrounds. We offer financial advice, financial planning and money management services to individual clients on all aspects of pensions, tax-efficient investments, protection and estate planning.

London financial advisers

We also work closely with large numbers of smaller companies in London and beyond, offering our professional financial advice services in the areas of business protection, SME tax planning advice, and advice on pension administration and management.

If you’re looking for financial advice as a first-time buyer, are planning for school or university fees, need financial guidance on building up your pension or you need advice on legacy planning to ensure the smooth inheritance of your hard-earned assets by the next generation, we can help guide you to the best outcome for your needs.

Drewberry has the expertise and technology it takes to offer financial advice that can guide you through every aspect of your financial life.

Our team of financial advisors in London and Brighton can offer you professional financial advice that can get you on the road to achieving your goals.

Neil Adams
Pensions & Investment Specialist at Drewberry

Financial Planning

financial advice

Give our modern, fee-based financial planning service a try and our Brighton- and London-based financial planners will soon have your money working as hard as you do. Because we take the time to understand every aspect of your finances, our financial planning advice is always tailor-made to your unique circumstances.

Pension Advice

pensions advice

Whether you’re already saving for retirement, looking for pension transfer advice, managing a mature pension portfolio or need one of our pensions financial advisors to help get you started on saving for the future, our pensions advice aim to let you retire in the style you deserve.

Investment Advice

Investment Advice in Brighton

Whatever your financial ambitions, we will offer you investment advice to help you frame the best strategy for your needs. We also offer access a huge variety of funds and specialist investments and will monitor the performance, charges and tax efficiency of all your investments, meaning we can make a real difference to your wealth over time.

Tax Advice

Don’t let unnecessary tax take a bite from your assets. We’re experts in offering all forms of tax-efficient investment advice – whether it’s making the most of your household’s tax allowances, helping higher earners to recapture lost tax or offering inheritance planning advice to find the most efficient way to pass on your assets to the next generation.

Insurance Advice

None of us can hope to achieve our financial ambitions – however modest they might be – without addressing the financial risks in our lives.

To most of us, losing our income through death or ill health is the single biggest risk to our financial ambitions. That’s why every review we conduct includes advice on how best to combat such risks and offers you insurance advice to find a product that suits your needs.

need financial advice in Brighton?

Need financial advice in London?

Drewberry is a regulated financial adviser that helps its clients through every aspect of their financial lives. We’re proud of the five star reviews our financial advice has received and are waiting to offer you the same level of excellent customers service. Find out how we could help you today.

If you’re wondering whether financial planning or pension and investment advice is worth it for you, why not contact us on 02084327333 to find out how we can help you? You can talk to one of our London financial advisors free of charge and with no strings attached.

Tom Conner
Director at Drewberry

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Josh, Nick & Sam helped me set up PHI & Life insurance when I set up my own company. The application process wasn't straight forward due to my medical history, but the team made everything as simple as possible.
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I have not started my health cover yet, bus so far the introduction has been very efficient and speedy.
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Clear and concise information
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Excellent personal service from Matthew Giles, made sure we received a tailor made quote that ideally suited our requirements as a family
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Great service, independent advice, not pushy and very consultative. I would have no hesitation in recommending.