Are Your Lifestyle Choices Threatening Your Health?

Are you taking care of your temple?

Do you think carefully when it comes to lifestyle choices? According to the Office for National Statistics’ Social Trends Survey us Brits don’t, and our unhealthy habits are proving detrimental to our health.

Death rates within the UK have decreased while the rates of cases for certain illnesses such as, cancers and heart disease are on the rise. Could this be a result of our hectic lifestyles and socialising habits?

The statistics:

  • In 2008 there were 9,031 alcohol related deaths, more than double the amount in 1991;
  • 24.5% of the UK population is deemed as obese.

Despite living longer, we, the UK population are putting our health at risk with unhealthy habits such as, binge drinking and over consumption of fatty foods. These bad habits may not be killing us, but they are certainly not helping us avoid some of the most common critical illnesses.

What does the future hold?

Statistics have shown, that although incidences of breast cancer and prostate cancer have increased, patients are living longer and surviving life threatening diseases. Between 1971 and 2007 incidences of breast cancer more than doubled and there were 5 times as many incidences of prostate cancer, however with medical advances we have seen fewer deaths.

With increasing in life expectancy coupled with our bad habits it has raised the question, what protection products are best for our ageing society? Well, these particular statistics support the view that protection such as, critical illness and income protection insurance, should be considered in addition to a life insurance policy.

With more people suffering critical illnesses and living on for many years to come, income protection or critical illness could provide the necessary financial protection which life insurance is unable to provide in this situation.

Your Protection

Although we are living longer, we are putting are health at risk with the choices we make. Because of this we are more likely to need some sort of medical treatment, therefore it is important we protect ourselves.

You may not think that your lifestyle is harming your health, but it might be; protecting yourself with, critical illness and income protection, can ensure that if your bad habits come back to haunt you, you will be protected

With evidence suggesting death rates are falling, term assurance as a single product may well no longer provide the necessary protection many with many turning to other protection products.

You never know what life has to throw at you, and having life insurance in addition to critical illness and/or income protection, will ensure yourself and your loved ones are protected.