Hot and Sweaty or Unhealthy and Heavy?

To busy to exercise at work? Or is it that your just a little bit embarrassed that your colleagues will pass judgement when you drop down and give them 20?

The British Heart foundation has recently conducted a study which has revealed that embarrassment is preventing workers from getting in their daily dose of exercise at their place of work. Many workers are worried that their colleagues will not see them in their best light. The study found that:

  • 35% of employees avoid exercise during their working day to avoid being seen getting hot and sweaty by their colleagues.

Ok, so I know what your thinking, what’s the big deal? Does it really matter that people don’t exercise at work. According to the British Heart Foundation 81% of workers are not getting the recommended amount of exercise each week.

On a daily basis 55% of people spend half their day doing very little movement, either sitting down or standing relatively still. Even when given the chance to squeeze in a little bit of movement, people are choosing not to, with 48% of people eating their lunch at their desk.

So dropping down and giving your office twenty one handed press ups may be a little bit extreme! But you can try and do what you can, whether it is a walk at lunch time or taking the stairs rather than the lift. Lisa Purcell of the British Heart Foundation’s ‘Health at Work’ programme, said:

“You don’t have to don a lycra leotard to get fit and healthy, the payoffs from even simple changes like taking a walk at lunchtime are too great to ignore.

“Getting healthy during the working day means you are less stressed and better motivated.”

It might not seem like a lot, but by doing simple exercises at work it can really benefit your health. So should we be embarrassed, at the end of the day is a red face enough to stop us improving our health?

What is it going to be? Hot and sweaty or unhealthy and heavy!