More men dying from skin cancer

New research has found that more men are dying from skin cancer than women. This research emphasises just how important it is this summer to stay safe in the sun.

The new evidence comes from Cancer Research UK who assert that the number of male deaths from skin cancer has doubled in the past 30 years.

It has been found that 3.1 men per 100,000 are currently dying from the condition, which has risen from 1.5 men per 100,000 in the late 1970s.

It was also found that more women are actually diagnosed with the condition but the level of female fatalities is still lower than that of men.

A large proportion in the difference between these figures has been placed at the door of differing attitudes between men and women. It is argued that women take more care and caution in the sun than do men.

In fact, the number of cases of this type of cancer has been rising for both men and for women over the last 30 years so a great deal of public awareness work is still left to do.

One of the arguments put forward for why men have a higher death rate than women when it comes to skin cancer is that men have a lack of understanding of what to look for and they are less likely to take immediate action should they find something.

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