Cost Effective Group Medical Insurance from AXA

Many larger employers offer their employees a group health insurance scheme, for some it is provided across the board at others just to senior management. With AXA’s new lower cost health plan it could well be rolled out to the whole workforce, under the new plan AXA offer a different referral process which could see considerable savings passed on.

The scheme is based on the Corporate Health Plan and is called Corporate Health Plan Pathways. If a member of the scheme requires a consultation or medical treatment with a specialist rather than having to have the GP refer them to a named specialist, the individual obtains an open referral whereby AXA points them in the direction of a suitable healthcare provider.

Taking this approach putting employees requiring tests or treatment in direct contact with healthcare specialists could see the insurer pass the savings of up to 15% back to your organisation in cheaper premiums. Those requiring treatment have the option of choosing somewhere close to the office or to their home, whatever is most convenient for them.

The level of cover remains the same however by tweaking the process AXA have been able to find savings to help organisations through these difficult times. If you have a group medical plan in place and would like to review or are thinking of introducing a health plan then let us know, we are here to help.