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Review of Travel Insurance 4 Medical Pre-existing conditions cover

Travel Insurance 4 Medical [Review]


This Travel Insurance Review

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Travel Insurance 4 Medical is an insurance provider that specialises in providing Travel Insurance with cover for medical conditions. It covers an extensive range of medical conditions and has terms that are considerably less strict compared to other providers when it comes to pre-existing conditions.Travel insurance with medical conditions review

You can choose from 3 different levels of cover – Economy Plus, Standard, and Superior – which all cover pre-existing medical conditions and offer optional cover for activities, cruise holidays, and protective cover for your electronics.

Travel Insurance 4 Medical are specialists with 30 years of experience in providing comprehensive Travel Insurance policies for medical conditions. Its Superior policy has been given 5 star Defaqto rating, contesting to its high level of cover.

Review the key facts about Travel Insurance with medical conditions cover.

Travel Insurance 4 Medical Review

The most notable benefit of choosing Travel Insurance 4 Medical as your provider is that it offers Travel Insurance with pre-existing conditions covered while you are abroad if they agree to covering your condition.


Travel Insurance 4 Medical are able to cover thousands of different pre-existing medical conditions, including cancer. It has a simple online medical screening process that you can use to get your quotes. Providing you are honest about your health and disclose your conditions in full, Travel Insurance 4 Medical may offer you cover or help you find the cover you need elsewhere.


Travel Insurance 4 Medical can also cover pregnancy with their Travel Insurance policies, which is very rarely covered. If you give birth or have complications while you’re abroad, you can claim for your medical bills. You are covered from week 0 up to week 28 for standard issues but from week 29 onward, you will only be able to claim for serious complications.


Travel Insurance 4 Medical cover an extensive list of activities and sports that you can take part in which are separated into 8 separate Activity Packs.

Activity Pack 1 is included with your policy. The other packs include activities with different levels of risk that you can add to your policy for an additional premium, with Activity Pack 8 including activities and sports with the highest level of risk.


Get 30 minutes of free legal advice when you claim for legal cover. If you believe that you are owed compensation for an injury or illness or for the loss / damage to your belongings, you can speak to an adviser for free about your case.

If, after this conversation, you decide to pursue compensation and the adviser supports your claim, Travel Insurance 4 Medical will pay out your entitled Legal Cover to help you afford the legal fees associated with your case.


The length of the trips that you can take under a Travel Insurance 4 Medical policy are shorter than they may be for other providers to compensate for cover for pre-existing conditions.

A Single-Trip policy will cover you for a maximum of 60 days and Multi-Trip policies will cover a maximum of 30 days per visit abroad.

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Travel Insurance 4 Medical
Cover 1000s of Health Conditions with your Travel Insurance
Get Travel Insurance with pre existing conditions cover from Travel Insurance 4 Medical.

Travel Insurance 4 Medical Policy Summaries

The following table summarises the cover offered by Travel Insurance 4 Medical’s Economy, Standard, and Superior Travel Insurance policies, all of which are available as Single-Trip and Multi-Trip policies.

Economy Extra Cover

Standard Cover

Superior Cover

Optional Cover

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Review Travel Insurance for pre existing conditions, key comparison points and main features.

Additional Information about Travel Insurance with Medical Conditions


Key Comparison Points for Travel Insurance 4 Medical

  • Travel Insurance 4 Medical’s speciality is providing Travel Insurance with pre-existing conditions covered automatically, provided you disclose them before trip and have your cover confirmed in writing. It is also willing to cover considerably more health problems than most other providers, including pregnancy complications and cancer.
  • Travel Insurance 4 Medical covers an extensive list of holiday sports and activities. However, unlike other insurers, they are willing to cover many high-risk activities, with Activity Pack 8 including cover for alligator wrestling, ski stunting, and even bull running.
  • As well as Single-Trip and Multi-Trip policies, Travel Insurance 4 Medical also offers Travel Insurance policies specially designed for backpackers with three varying levels of cover. These types of policies will also cover pre-existing medical conditions while you are travelling.
  • Travel Insurance 4 Medical offers some extra benefits that can be negotiated if you are travelling abroad for specific reasons. For example, they can offer extra cover if you are travelling for your wedding and can even cover golf clubs if you’re planning a golfing getaway.

Travel Insurance 4 Medical Excess

The excess for each policy type only applies to certain types of claims.

Cover Level


Economy Plus

£75 / £150
(Depending on type of claim)





The above excess rates for each policy apply to the following types of claims:

  • Cancellation Cover
  • Missed Departure Cover
  • Medical Cover
  • Baggage Cover
  • Personal Liability Cover
  • Legal Cover

In addition to a general excess, optional Gadget Cover has its own £50 excess and an excess applies to certain types of claims you make with added Winter Sports Cover and Cruise Cover.


Policy Exclusions

General Exclusions

  • Pre-existing conditions you have sought any medical advice or treatment for within the last 2 years that Travel Insurance 4 Medical have not confirmed in writing they will cover.
  • Any claim made when travelling against the advice of your doctor or dentist, or the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
  • Claims made resulting from self-injury, reckless behaviour, or wilfully exposing yourself to danger.
  • Damage, loss, illness or injury occurring while you or your travel companions under the influence of drugs (other than those specifically prescribed to you), alcohol, or solvents.
  • Any claims associated with the failure of your travel agent, tour operator, transport provider, or accommodation provider unless specified in your policy documents.
  • Damage, loss, illness or injury occurring as the result of a criminal act committed by any person covered by the policy.
  • You are not covered for any expenses associated with taxi fares, Visas, vaccinations, telephone calls, additional parking fees, or food or drink unless specified in your policy documents.

Gadget Cover Exclusions

  • Claims for any gadgets valued higher than the maximum cover limit.
  • Gadgets purchased outside of the UK or bought secondhand.
  • Theft, loss or damage to any gadgets while travelling on public transport or an aircraft unless they are stored in your hand luggage and kept on your person at all times.
  • Gadgets or electronics older than 48 months (cover for laptops is limited to 18 months).

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Travel Insurance 4 Medical
Cover 1000s of Health Conditions with your Travel Insurance
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Just had income protection set up by Victoria Slade @ Dewberry. I get medically assessed annually in my profession and illness could potentially put me out of work. Victoria helped me find a great product with British Friendly which has given me peace of mind. Victoria has been very professional and thorough throughout the process and has been a pleasure to deal with.
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Jake provided clear and concise information in a way that was easy to understand. He took time to ensure the right product was found to suit our requirements and he was helpful and friendly in the process.
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Really easy process setting up my income protection insurance and Jake explained everything in great detail so i understood all options to make an informed choice. Wouldn't hesitate going to him again - highly recommend Drewberry.
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