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Founded in 1983 as Channel Express, Jet2 today is now one of the UK’s largest airlines, transporting nearly 7 million people each year. As well as providing cheap flights and holidays, it also offers Jet2 Travel Insurance policies that provide affordable cover for holiday goers and globetrotters.
Read Drewberry's Jet2 Travel Insurance review and summary.

Jet2 Insurance is an appointed representative of ROCK insurance Group, the supplier of Jet2 Travel Insurance policies. These policies have 3 different levels of cover to give people the option of low-cost cover or comprehensive.

Jet2 also offer optional Winter Sports and Gadget cover with its policies as well as the option to extend the list of sports and activities beyond what’s covered as standard.

Review the key facts about Jet2 Travel Insurance.

Jet2 Travel Insurance Review

Jet2 offer three levels of Travel Insurance cover, all of which are available as either Single-Trip or Multi-Trip policies.


With a Single-Trip policy, your Travel Insurance will cover you for a single trip lasting up to a maximum of 365 days. With a Multi-Trip policy, you will be covered for as many trips as you take in a year providing none of your trips exceed 31 days in length.


All 3 policy types offer the same level of Winter Sports cover. So, even if you choose a basic policy you can still get comprehensive cover for your winter holidays. Multi-Trip policies get 21 free days of Winter Sports Cover per year.


If your holiday activities are not covered as standard by your Jet2 Travel Insurance policy, you can add optional Sports & Activities Cover which adds an additional list of travel activities to your policy’s cover. This list includes activities that present a higher level of risk for persons taking part, so adding this cover to your policy will require you to pay an additional premium.


If you are interested in working abroad but still want to keep your Travel Insurance cover, you can add Table D of Jet2’s optional activities and add cover for manual work to your policy.


Jet2 offer 4 options for the reach of your Travel Insurance coverage that you can choose from. Choosing options that include more countries will increase the cost of your policy:

  • Home Country
  • Europe
  • Worldwide, excluding USA, Canada, Caribbean and Mexico
  • World, including USA and Canada

Jet2 Travel Insurance policies have a maximum age limit and people exceeding this age limit will not be able to apply for cover. Single-Trip policies have an upper age limit of 85 years old while Multi-trip policies have an age limit of 70 years old. Winter Sports Cover is also unable to cover anyone over the age of 60.

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Jet2 Travel Isnurance
Get up to £15million in Emergency Medical Cover while you travel!
Jet2 Travel Insurance policies have 3 different levels of cover, ranging from affordable to comprehensive.

Jet2 Travel Insurance Policy Summaries

All three cover levels have similar offerings when it comes to Winter Sports Cover, although the excess you have to pay for claims differs between them.

Essential Cover

Super Cover

Super Plus Cover

Policy Documents

Policy Documents
Jet2 Travel Insurance Policy Terms

Glossary of Travel Insurance Cover Terms

  • Accidental Death & Disability Benefit: If someone under a Jet2 Travel Insurance policy dies, loses a limb or becomes permanently disabled while abroad, this cover will pay out a benefit.
  • Baggage Cover: This cover will pay out to compensate of you if any of your luggage or personal possessions are damaged, stolen or lost during your travels, provided you have taken the appropriate safety precautions to protect them.
  • Cancellation Cover: If unforeseen circumstances force you to cancel your holiday or cut it short, this cover will refund you some or all of the price of your holiday.
  • Currency Cover: If your holiday money is stolen or lost while you are abroad, this cover will reimburse you for the money you lost.
  • Delay Cover: If your international flight, train, or boat is delayed, this cover will pay out regular benefits over a period of time.
  • Emergency Dental Cover: If you suffer a dental emergency while abroad, this cover will cover the cost of fast emergency dental treatments.
  • Gadget Cover: This cover will pay out if you damage any electronics while you abroad, including phone, electronic tablets, and laptops. Payouts may cover either the cost of repairs (except for repairs required as a result of wear and tear) or potentially replacements if the item is lost or stolen. You must prove that the item belongs to you and was bought in the UK.
  • Hospital BenefitIf you are admitted to hospital while abroad, Aviva will pay out a small benefit for each night you spend in hospital.
  • Legal Cover: This cover will pay out to help you cover legal costs if you want to pursue compensation in the event that you suffer injury or illness while you’re abroad.
  • Medical Cover: This cover will pay out to cover the cost of any emergency medical treatment you may need while outside the UK. This payout can also cover additional travel or accommodation costs associated with your treatment.
  • Missed Departure Cover: Providing you are not to blame for missing your flight, train or boat, your Jet2 Travel Insurance policy will pay out to help you afford replacement transportation if you miss your departure.
  • Personal Liability Cover: If an event occurs that you are legally liable to pay for, such as damage to another person’s property or accidental injury, your Jet2 Travel Insurance policy will pay out to help you cover the costs associated.
  • Travel Documents Cover: This cover will reimburse if during your travels your passport, tickets or essential travel documents are lost or stolen. You will only be able to claim this cover if you have taken the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your belongings
  • Winter Sports Cover: This add-on extends your policy’s cover to include winter sports. This means that you will be able to receive compensation for bought or rented equipment and pre-paid ski packs and passes. You can also claim for piste closure.

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Review Jet2 Travel Insurance key comparison points and features.

Additional Information About Travel Insurance from Jet2


Key Comparison Points for Jet2 Travel Insurance

  • Jet2 offer several options if you want to add additional sports and activities to your policy. Tables B, C & D are available which can cover basic activities like hiking and cycling as well as high risk activities like bungee jumping, canyoning, and hand gliding.
  • Most insurers automatically exclude manual labour from their policies and working abroad – whether paid or unpaid – means that you may not be able to claim. However, Jet2 can cover you for manual ground level work when you add additional Sports & Activities Cover to your policy.
  • If you purchase a Multi-Trip Jet2 Travel Insurance policy, you will automatically receive up to 21 days of Winter Sports Cover per period of insurance. However, if you choose, you can still add optional Winter Sports Cover to your policy if you want your cover to last longer.

Jet2 Travel Insurance Excess

While most types of claims where an excess is applied use the general excess amount as shown below, certain types of claims have their own excess amount. Both Currency Cover and Gadget Cover have an excess of £50.

Cover Level






Super Plus


The certain cover types where the general excesses apply are:

  • Medical Cover
  • Emergency Dental Cover
  • Hospital Benefit
  • Cancellation Cover
  • Baggage Cover
  • Lost or damaged equipment (owned & hired) under Winter Sports Cover

Policy Exclusions

The different types of cover available on a Jet2 Travel Insurance policy each have their own exclusions that you will need to carefully read in your policy documents. In addition to these minor exclusions there are some general exclusions that will apply to the entirety of your policy’s cover. In the following instances, you will not be able to claim any cover for any incidents that arise:

  • Suicide, attempted suicide, causing yourself deliberate harm, or wilfully putting yourself or someone at risk of danger.
  • Abuse of alcohol, drugs or solvents or operating a vehicle under the influence of any of these substances.
  • Travelling to a country or specific area that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has advised against travelling to or travelling against the advice of a medical professional.
  • Claims arising from wilful or malicious acts or claims that are the direct result of a policyholder committing an unlawful or criminal act.
  • Bankruptcy or liquidation of any of the suppliers you used to arrange your transport, accommodation or activities.
  • Loss, damage, illness or injury arising from war, invasion, rebellion, revolution, insurrection or acts of foreign enemies. Acts of terrorism are also excluded, although you may still claim medical cover, or personal accident cover relating to acts of terrorism.
  • riding on a quad bike, riding on a motorcycle with an engine capacity in excess of 250cc, riding a motorised vehicle without a helmet or driving a motorised vehicle without an appropriate licence.
  • Any claims arising from ionising radiations or radioactive contamination from nuclear materials.

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