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This Travel Insurance Review

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1986 (Post Office Ltd)

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Limited Company

Company Overview

The Post Office provides more than just postal services to the UK – under the Post Office Money brand, the company provides a range of banking and insurance products, which includes Post Office Travel Insurance.Post Office Travel Insurance review

Post Office Money has won the ‘Best Travel Insurance Provider’ award for 9 consecutive years between 2006 to 2015 and won the Silver award in 2016 and 2017 at the British Travel Awards, voted for by the British public.

The Post Office offers an extensive range of options in terms of their insurance policies, providing basic budget cover in the form of its Super Economy Travel Insurance and highly comprehensive cover in the form of its Premier Plus policies.

Review the key facts about Post Office Travel Insurance.

Post Office Travel Insurance Review

This page outlines the main features of Post Office Single Trip Travel Insurance. Also available from the Post Office is Multi-Trip Travel Insurance to cover multiple foreign trips per year and Backpacker Travel Insurance for those taking backpacking holidays.


The Post Office offers an extensive range when it comes to cover – Super Economy, Economy, Standard, Premier, and Premier Plus Travel Insurance provide everything an individual might need from Travel Insurance, from basic to highly comprehensive cover.


An optional Excess Waiver is available to add to your policy if you choose. With a Premier Plus policy, however, an excess waiver is included as standard with your cover.


If you take out a Premier or Premier Plus Travel Insurance policy from the Post Office, you can enjoy free access to the airport lounge if your flight is delayed by 2 hours or more providing the delay is announced and the terminal your flight departs from has a lounge that is part of the LoungeKey network.


For Single Trip Post Office Travel Insurance, the length of time that your policy will cover you for depends on your age when you take out your Post Office Travel Insurance policy.

– Under 71 years old: 365 days per trip

– Between 71 and 75 years old: 90 days per trip

– Between 76 and 85: 31 days per trip


If you have a Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy from the Post Office, you can extend your stay abroad with an optional add-on. These trip extensions can extend the limit of your trip by 31, 45, or 60 additional days up from a standard of 17-31 days per trip depending on your level of cover.


Optional Business Cover, Golf Cover and Cruise Cover is available on policies with minimum Standard Cover or higher.

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Post Office Travel Insurance
Silver Winner of 'Best Travel Insurance Provider 2017' at the British Travel Awards
Premier Plus is the highest level of Travel Insurance from the Post Office and offers you highly comprehensive cover.

Post Office Travel Insurance Policy Summaries

Post Office Travel Insurance policies have several different levels of cover to suit everyone’s needs, ranging from their budget ‘Super Economy’ policies to the highly comprehensive ‘Premier Plus’ policies.

Super Economy Cover

Economy Cover

Standard Cover

Premier Cover

Premier Plus Cover

Post Office Travel Insurance Policy Documents

Policy Documents

Post Office Travel Insurance Key Facts   Post Office Travel Insurance Policy Terms

Glossary of Travel Insurance Cover Terms

  • Accidental Death & Disability Benefit: If someone under a Post Office Travel Insurance policy dies or becomes severely or permanently disabled while abroad, this cover will pay out a benefit.
  • Airline Cover: This cover will pay out if the airline you are scheduled to fly with fails either before embarking on your journey or while you are abroad.
  • Baggage Cover: This cover will pay out to compensate of you if any of your luggage or personal possessions are damaged, stolen or lost during your travels, provided you have taken the appropriate safety precautions to protect them.
  • Business Cover: If you are travelling for business reasons, this optional cover offers additional protection for you and your belongings, covering company equipment, money, and a replacement employee if you or a worker in your party is unable to travel.
  • Cancellation Cover: If unforeseen circumstances force you to cancel your holiday or cut it short, this cover will refund you some or all of the price of your holiday.
  • Cruise Cover: This optional cover offers specific protection for you if you are going on a cruise holiday. It will pay out if you miss departure or port, and will even cover replacement formal attire.
  • Currency Cover: If your holiday money is stolen or lost while you are abroad, this cover will reimburse you for the money you lost.
  • Delay Cover: If your international flight, train, or boat is delayed by more than 12 hours, this cover will pay out every 24 hours.
  • Emergency Dental Cover: If you suffer a dental emergency while abroad, this cover will cover the cost of fast emergency dental treatments.
  • Golf Cover: This optional add-on for your policy will pay out to cover personal and hired golfing equipment while you’re abroad as well as cover non-refundable fees if you need to cancel your golfing plans unexpectedly.
  • Hospital Benefit: If you are admitted to hospital while abroad, the Post Office will pay out a benefit of £50 for each night you spend in hospital.
  • Legal Cover: This cover will pay out to help you cover legal costs if you want to pursue compensation in the event that you suffer injury or illness while you’re abroad.
  • Medical Cover: This cover will pay out to cover the cost of any emergency medical treatment you may need while outside the UK. This payout can also cover any additional travel or accommodation costs associated with your treatment.
  • Missed Departure Cover: Providing you are not to blame for missing your flight, train or boat, your Post Office Travel Insurance will pay out to help you afford replacement transportation if you miss your departure.
  • Personal Liability Cover: If an event occurs that you are legally liable to pay for, such as damage to another person’s property or accidental injury, your Post Office Travel Insurance policy will pay out to help you cover the costs associated.
  • Travel Documents Cover: Your Travel Insurance policy will cover the replacement of your important travel documents or passport if they are damaged or lost.
  • Winter Sports Cover: This add-on extends your policy’s cover to include winter sports. This means that you will be able to receive compensation for bought or rented equipment and pre-paid ski packs and passes. You can also claim for piste closure and any medical cover for any injuries sustained while partaking in winter sports.

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Review Post Office Travel Insurance key comparison points and features.

Additional Information About Travel Insurance from the Post Office


Key Comparison Points for Post Office Travel Insurance

  • As well as covering your legal costs if you suffer illness, personal injury or death while abroad, the Post Office will also provide telephone advice, guidance and assistance to help you with you or your loved ones with legal proceedings and secure appropriate compensation.
  • The optional cover types aren’t available to add to every type of policy. Cruise cover is only available to add to Premier and Premier plus policies, while Golf and Business cover can only be added to Standard, Premier, and Premier Plus policies.
  • When you apply for a Travel Insurance policy from the Post Office, you have the option to add an Excess Waiver. Adding this policy means that your policy will cost more initially, but your excess is reduced to nil and you will not need to contribute to the cost of your claims.
  • The Post Office cover an extensive range of holiday sports and activities as standard while you are abroad, however some of the more risky activities – such as jet skiing, archery, and sailing – will not be covered for personal accident or personal liability claims.
  • While not many other providers of Travel Insurance offer cover for business travel, the Post Office’s specific cover for business travel can offer valuable protection for professionals abroad. The optional cover includes compensation for computer equipment, emergency couriers, equipment hire, business money, and funding for a replacement employee.

Post Office Travel Insurance Execss

The following table shows the standard excess amount for each policy type. This excess is mandatory unless you add a waiver of excess to your policy.

Cover Level


Super Economy








Premier Plus


The excess amounts outlined in the above table only apply to certain types of cover, with the following being the most common claim types which are affected by this excess:

  • Cancellation/ curtailment
  • Emergency medical
  • Funeral expenses abroad
  • Baggage cover
  • Abandonment of trip after 12 hour delay
  • Personal liability
  • Personal money cover & passport
  • Missed departure

Policy Exclusions

The following are some of the general exclusions that apply to Post Office Travel Insurance policies. Individual cover types also have their own individual exclusions that apply to certain claims.

  • Anyone over the age of 71 taking part in Winter Sports
  • Persons travelling against the advice of a medical practitioner
  • Persons travelling with the intention of receiving medical treatment abroad
  • Any person who is suffering symptoms of a health condition prior to travelling that has yet to receive a diagnosis or are awaiting the results of investigations.
  • Personal injury or damage caused intentionally by those covered by the policy or by policyholders wilfully putting themselves at risk.
  • Participating in any organised sports competition or engaging in any paid manual work.
  • Claims arising as the result of war, terrorism, rebellion, revolution, or military activity.
  • Loss or destruction associated with contamination or poisoning by radioactivity.
  • Travelling to any area that the Foreign and Commonwealth has expressly advised the public not to travel to.

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