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Aviva Travel Insurance [Review]


This Travel Insurance Review

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Company Overview

Aviva was first established as the Norwich Union Society, eventually merging with CGNU PLC in 2000 under the name Aviva.Read Drewberry's Aviva Travel Insurance review

Today, the company is the UK’s largest insurance provider, offering a broad range of insurance products including Aviva Travel Insurance.

Unlike other insurers who provide a range of policies with different levels of cover, Aviva offers one simple and comprehensive Travel Insurance policy that can be adjusted with certain add-ons and options.

Review the key facts about Aviva Travel Insurance.

Aviva Travel Insurance Review

Aviva offer a basic, comprehensive Travel Insurance policy with options to extend your cover for specific situations.


You can add up to 8 friends of family members to your policy, so you don’t have to worry about anyone missing out on vital insurance coverage while you’re abroad.


Single Trip policies can cover as much as 120 days abroad as well as in the UK, while Multi-Trip policies can cover an unlimited number of annual trips per year as long as they’re no more than 90 days in duration.


Aviva Travel Insurance policies cover more than 100 leisure activities as standard, however if you want to take part in winter sports activities then you can add Winter Sports Cover to your policy.


If at any time you need to claim Legal Cover, Aviva will provide you with confidential legal advice and negotiate on your behalf as well as pay out to cover expenses if they believe that you have a strong case.


Unlike other insurers that have a range of Travel Insurance policies to offer, Aviva has only one travel Insurance offering, which offers fairly comprehensive cover with several options to tailor your policy to your travel plans.


Aviva does not cover damage or loss of baggage as standard like some other policies, If you want to protect your luggage, you will need to add Baggage Cover to your policy at an additional cost.

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Aviva Travel Insurance
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Aviva offer only one type of Travel Insurance policy, which offers simple and comprehensive cover with a range of options.

Aviva Travel Insurance Policy Summary

While the following tables illustrate the overall limits of these types of cover, other smaller limits may apply for certain types of claims.

Aviva Travel Insurance Summary



Medical Cover


Hospital Benefit

£50 per night

Accidental Death & Disability Benefit


Cancellation Cover


Delay Cover

£25 per 12 hours
£150 for luggage delayed more than 12 hours

Missed Departure Cover


Currency Cover


Travel Documents Cover


Personal Liability Cover


Legal Cover


Force Majeure Cover


Pet Care Cover


Policy Documents

Aviva Travel Insurance key facts   Aviva Travel Insurance Policy terms

Optional Cover



Airspace Closure Cover

£1,500 for delay
£5,000 for cancellation

Baggage Cover

Claim up to £400 per item enclosed within baggage
Limited to £1,500 per incident

Extended Travel Disruption Cover

Plus £25 delay cover per day

Winter Sports

£500 for equipment
£200 for cancellation

Golf Cover

£1,500 for equipment
£250 for cancellation

Scuba Diving Cover

Cover up to 30m

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Aviva Travel Insurance
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Review Aviva Travel Insurance key comparison points and features.

Additional Information about Travel Insurance from Aviva


Key Comparison Points for Aviva Travel Insurance

  • Aviva Travel Insurance policies can cover you in any country or region you select when you apply for your policy, although note that the exclusion for injuries resulting from war, civil commotion, riots, political instability etc. apply. You can even keep your cover if you are travelling around the UK, but only if your holiday includes 2 or more consecutive nights staying in pre-booked accommodation.
  • Aviva offer a 10% discount for your cover if you apply online, however this does not apply to any optional extras that you add to your policy.
  • Extended Travel Disruption Cover is a highly recommended cover to add to your cover. This is because it will cover you for certain situations that you may not normally be able to claim for and allows you to claim for more in certain situations, for example if an epidemic influenza affects your holiday destination.
  • Aviva provide a 24 hour Worldwide Medical Emergency Assistance Service if at any time you need to claim for Emergency Medical expenses. This service will put you in touch with a coordinator who will help you find and contact the nearest hospital, offer medical advice, and ensure that your medical fees are guaranteed.

Aviva Travel Insurance Excess

Certain types of claims will be subject to an excess, which is set at £50 for a standard Aviva Travel Insurance policy.

The following types of claims require you to pay a £50 excess per person or per incident to cover the costs incurred:

  • Cancellation of your holiday.
  • If your departure is abandoned after a 24 hour delay.
  • If you claim for emergency medical treatment.
  • Personal Liability when the incident relates to temporary holiday accommodation.
  • Claiming for a ‘Force Majeure’.
  • If you claim to replace lost or stolen holiday money.
  • Baggage Cover claims.
  • If you have taken out Winter Sports cover or Golf Cover and your own personal equipment is damaged or lost.
  • If you claim for Airspace Closure cover.

Policy Exclusions

  • Pre-existing conditions that have not been disclosed and approved by your insurer.
  • Activities that are not listed in your policy documents
  • Any injury to persons or damage / loss of items arising from paid or unpaid manual work or physical labour.
  • Claims of loss or damage relating to war, invasion, civil war, revolution, rebellion or insurrection, military usurpation of power etc.
  • Contamination, radioactivity, nuclear assembly, nuclear fuel, nuclear waste, pressure waves caused by aircraft and other aerial devices.
  • Suicide, self harm, misuse of alcohol or drugs, or the consequences of deliberately placing yourself at risk of harm or death.
  • Any travel or accommodation costs that are recoverable from elsewhere, such as the provider.
  • Claims resulting from any tour operator, travel agent, airline or other service provider becoming insolvent and/or not being able or willing to carry out any part of their duty to you.
  • Voluntary cancellation of your trip because you’re not enjoying it.
  • Injury or illness if you have not taken the necessary precautions advised, such as wearing a helmet or getting the recommended inoculations or medication for tropical diseases before going on your trip.

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