X Factor’s Wagner incapacity benefit claim investigated

Wagner, a contestant on the much-loved British pop show X Factor, is apparently under investigation for claiming incapacity benefit whilst appearing on the TV show.

It is alleged that Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho was claiming welfare benefit for individuals who are unable to work due to serious illness or disability whilst actually performing on the X Factor show.

Frozen shoulder?

Welfare officials are to investigate Wagner for claiming benefit for a frozen shoulder when in fact he appeared fit and healthy whilst performing dance moves on the show. It is even reported in the press that Wagner had been going to the gym to better is performances.

The Sun newspaper claims that he has been ordered to the Job Centre for a review of his current benefits entitlement and fitness to work, which they regularly do if officials suspect the circumstances of a claimant have changed.

Not only does Wagner face losing his incapacity benefit, which currently stands at £95.15 per week (£412 per month), but he could also face a court hearing if government welfare officials deem that he has been claiming this benefit fraudulently.

The papers claim that Wagner began his claim in July 2009 after injuring his shoulder as a karate teacher and has been claiming the benefit ever since, even whilst performing on the TV show. If he had been claiming since July 2009 Wagner could have received well over £5,000 courtesy of the tax payer.

Fit to perform

A spokesperson for the X Factor said that everyone who goes on the show has to see a doctor and Wagner was declared fit to perform.

His incapacity benefit claim was not without merit after undergoing two major shoulder operations, with the last operation being in January 2010. After all, if you remember back to the Birmingham auditions in June he was wearing a sling at that time.

The reason why Wagner may have been called in by the benefit office relates to his energetic performances with dancers over the previous six weeks where his shoulder didn’t seem to provide any obvious restriction. We shall see, the jury is out.