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Learn more about Home Insurance and what your policy will cover.

Home Insurance Explained

Sam Barr-Worsfold Independent Protection Expert at Drewberry

To help you better understand what it is that your Home Insurance covers, we have put together this useful glossary full of terms you are bound to come across in your search for the right policy. Find out what each of the different cover types mean and explore the most popular optional add-ons.

Sam Barr-Worsfold
Independent Protection Expert at Drewberry

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Advanced Bicycle Cover

Typically offered as an optional extra to add to standard Bicycle Cover, this cover will protect your bicycles against loss or damage even when they are not in your home. You are required, however, to take the appropriate measures to protect your bicycles in order to claim this cover, such as locking them securely to a permanent structure when not in use.


Accidental Damage Cover

Covers damage or loss of your home’s building or contents caused by sudden, unintentional and unforeseen accidents, such as dropping a glass of wine or throwing a ball through a window. This cover is often separated into Buildings Accidental Damage Cover and Contents Accidental Damage Cover and, depending on your provider and your policy’s level of cover, may be given as an optional cover that requires an additional premium.


Alternative Accommodation Cover

If your home becomes uninhabitable due to damage or for reasons of personal safety, this cover will pay out for alternative accommodation until your home is safe to return to. Some providers have been known to extend this cover to include the arrangement of alternative accommodation for domestic pets.


Bicycle Cover

Also known as ‘Pedal Cycle Insurance’, this covers damage and loss to your family bicycles. As standard, this cover type will protect your bikes while they are on your property. However, whether or not they are protected outside of your home will pretend on your policy. Some insurers will offer comprehensive Bicycle Cover that will protect your bicycles anywhere while others may offer optional Advanced Bicycle Cover which will protect them while they are not on the property. Read your policy documents for more details.


Boiler Emergency Cover

This optional extra to your Home Insurance policy will cover the cost of making temporary emergency repairs to your boiler  or primary hot water or heating system.


Buildings Accidental Damage Cover

Often given as an optional cover to add to your policy, this will cover your building against sudden, unexpected damage which has not been caused on purpose. An example of this would be if you went up into the loft of your home and accidentally put your foot through the floor.


Buildings Cover

This cover will cover the physical building and structural components. Many insurers will cover the majority of permanent structures on your property under this cover, such as fences, gates. Some providers will also cover outbuildings, sheds, and garages under this cover, but if not they may offer Outbuilding & Garage Buildings Cover separately.


Contents Accidental Damage Cover

Often given as an optional cover to add to your policy, this will cover your home’s contents against sudden, unexpected damage which has not been caused on purpose. An example of this would be if a child in the house accidentally knocked the television onto the floor and broke it.


Contents Cover

This will cover the contents of your home that you own or are legally responsible for against damage and loss, including fixtures and fittings, household goods, and personal items.


Contents Away From Home Cover

Contents Away From Home Cover is an optional add-on designed to protect your personal belongings while they are outside of the home. This cover is sometimes referred to as Personal Possessions Cover.


Currency Cover

Covers money, cheques, debit cards, travel tickets, vouchers, share certificates etc. that are lost or damaged while in the home.


Employer’s Liability Cover

This cover the amount you are legally liable to pay as an employer if a domestic employee is injured or dies during the course of their work.


Freezer Food Cover

If there is a sudden power outage in your home or if damage causes your freezer to cease working, your provider will cover the cost of any food that was stored in your freezer at the time and lost as a result.


Garden Contents Cover

This cover will cover repair or replacement of your garden’s contents if they are damaged or lost, such as garden furniture, lawns, and tools.


Garden Plant Cover

Covers the loss or damage of trees, shrubs, plants and your lawn while in the boundaries of your home. Depending on your provider, this type of cover may be offered on its own or covered under Garden Contents Cover.


Home Emergency Cover

This cover is typically given as an optional extra and may be accompanied by a service hotline. It provides property owners with a small benefit to afford fast repairs if there is a home emergency if the home is unsafe or to prevent further damage, for example if a pipe bursts in the home.


Legal Expenses Cover

This generic cover will help you or your family pursue or defend legal claims relating to your property. This includes such instances as personal injury, consumer protection, or tax related legal matters.


Liability Cover

This covers your overall liability as the property owner if you have to pay for accidental death, injury, loss, or damage which occurs within the boundary of the home.


Lock & Key Cover

The extent of this cover will depend on your insurer. As standard, Lock & Key Cover will pay for the replacement of lock on the external entryways of your home if your keys are lost or stolen. However, some providers may extend this cover to include certain locks within the home – such as locks on safes – or include cover for alarm systems.


Matching Sets Cover

If an item that is part of a matching set is damaged or lost, this cover will cover the cost of replacing the entire set if a suitable placement can’t be found.


Office Contents Cover

This covers office equipment in your home, such as laptops, tablets and printers that are used for you or your family’s home workings. However, items that are owned by your employer or items that you are not legally responsible for are not covered.


Outbuilding & Garage Buildings Cover

This cover may sometimes be offered under standard Buildings Cover, but some insurers will offer it as a separate cover with its own conditions. This type of cover will cover any damages made to greenhouses, sheds, summer houses, and outdoor buildings if they form part of the property. However, this cover will typically exclude non-permanent and mobile buildings, such as caravans and motor homes.


Outbuilding & Garage Contents Cover

This cover may sometimes be offered under standard Contents Cover, but some insurers will offer it as a separate cover with its own conditions. With this cover, the contents of greenhouses, sheds, summer houses, and outdoor buildings will be protected from theft and damage. This cover, however, will typically exclude money and valuables stored in outbuildings.


Personal Liability Cover

You are covered if you or a member of your family are legally required to pay for accidental death, injury, loss or damage associated with being an occupant of the building or being in a private role not connected with ownership of the building.


Personal Possessions Cover

Usually given as an optional extra, this cover will protect your personal effects against loss or damage while you in or away from the home – also referred to as Contents Away from Home Cover.


Specified Valuables Cover

If you have any particularly valuable items in your home – such as jewellery, antiques, or artwork – you can cover it under your home insurance policy provided you specify its value.


Student Contents Cover

If any of the home’s occupants decide to temporarily leave home to attend university, this cover will protect their belongings even while they are away from home. Important personal possessions such as personal computers and money will be protected while living away from home as a student provided their permanent address matches the home covered by your Home Insurance policy.


Trace & Access Cover

If there is a leak on your property that needs to be repaired, Trace & Access Cover will cover the cost of finding, reaching, and repairing the leak. Some providers will also consider this cover to include repairs of any damages made to the property in order to reach the leak.


Unlimited Cover

Although there are no limits on how much you can claim per incident/claim, there will typically be limits on individual items and potentially further limits determined by underwriting.

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