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Pensions Explained

What is an Escalating Annuity?
What is an escalating retirement annuity and how do they work? Should you opt for an index-linked pension annuity for your retirement?
Can I Get an Annuity if I Smoke?
Are annuity rates are available to smokers? If you want to turn your pension pot into a retirement annuity, what are your options if you smoke?
What is a Value Protected Annuity?
What is a value protected annuity? Is it the same as a capital protected annuity and what are the benefits of this type of pension income?
What is an Annuity Guarantee Period?
What is an annuity with a guarantee period? How does a guaranteed retirement annuity work and is it the right pension option for your retirement?
What is a Temporary Annuity?
Temporary annuities explained. What is a temporary annuity and is it the right pension for your retirement?
Is an Annuity the Same as a Pension?
What's the difference between an annuity and a pension? I've seen that one possibility is that I buy an annuity pension, but I thought I already had a pension, the one I've been saving into throughout my working life. Is an annuity not the same...
What Happens to My Annuity if I Die?
What happens to annuities on the death of the owner? What are the rules for who can inherit an annuity when I die?
How is an Annuity Taxed?
Do you pay tax on annuities? If you choose this option to provide you with pension income, how much tax will you pay on your retirement annuity?
Can I Sell My Annuity?
Can you sell an annuity after you've bought it? Is there a market for second-hand annuities if I've changed my mind about my annuity pension?
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