Bupa improves critical illness plan with Best Doctors

The large UK-based insurer, Bupa has extended its Best Doctors offering to all clients with critical illness plans.

Clients will now be able to use the Best Doctors service even if not actually making a claim. This service allows clients to get a second opinion from specialist consultants in their field regarding the initial diagnosis of their medical condition.

The Best Doctors offering was previously only available to clients holding income protection or critical illness plans that had already made a claim. It is now not necessary to be making a claim to receive the second option service, eligibility is simply from a policyholder.

The only restriction of note to this service is that the policyholder must have been initially diagnosed with suffering from a medical condition of a critical, chronic or degenerative nature or where the condition is substantially affecting the clients quality of life.

Bupa are credited with being the first insurer to offer the services of Best Doctors to clients in the UK and are also now the first insurer to provide this extended offering.

Critical illness plans are often taken out with life insurance policies to also provide protection against serious illnesses or injuries. Mortgage critical illness plans are frequently taken out to cover a mortgage loan from this financial risk.