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Since Drewberry started operating all the way back in 2009, we’ve been dedicated to offering our clients financial advice the way we think it should be offered: clear, concise and with no strings attached.

We think it’s important our clients have all the options on the table before making any decisions; otherwise, how do you know if you’re making the best decision?

We have found one of the best ways to understand and support our clients is through our research, tools and guides. Below is a summary of all our best bits in one convenient place.

Whats in our toolbox?

Our Research

The 2018 Drewberry™ Protection Insurance Survey

The 2017 Drewberry™ Wealth & Protection Survey

The 2016 Drewberry™ Wealth & Protection Survey

The 2015 Drewberry™ Protection Insurance Survey

Financial Calculators

Our Financial Calculators

Final Salary Pension Transfer Calculator

is a final salary pension transfer right for you?

A big part of knowing if a final salary pension transfer is right for you is knowing how fair your cash equivalent transfer value is. This calculator:

  • Benchmarks your CETV against the market to check the deal you’re getting
  • Takes into account metrics such as retirement age, life expectancy and deferment
  • Comes with a free guide to defined benefit pension transfers.

Pension Income Drawdown Calculator

how long will your retirement savings last in pension drawdown?

If you want to use income drawdown to fund your retirement, you’ll need to know how long your pension will last. This calculator:

  • Works out how long your pension will last depending on the monthly income you want to take; OR
  • Works out how much income you can take from your pension if you want it to last a set number of years
  • Comes with a free guide to pension drawdown.

Pension Tax Relief Calculator

how much tax relief do you get on your pension?

Pension tax relief is one of the most generous tax breaks you’ll ever likely receive from the government. This calculator will:

  • Works out how much pension tax relief you could be entitled to
  • Takes into account the tapered pension annual allowance
  • Comes with a free guide to pension tax relief.

Annual Allowance Calculator

how much can you put into your pension every year?

There’s a limit to how much you can put into your pension each year and still get tax relief. This calculator:

  • Works out your pension annual allowance
  • Also comes with a free guide to richer retirement.

Pension Carry Forward Calculator

how much will your pension be worth at retirement?

What do you do if you’ve used up your annual pension allowance this year? This calculator will work out:

  • Your pension annual allowance this tax year (taking into account the tapered annual allowance)
  • Whether you’ve got unused annual allowances left from previous years
  • Also comes with a free guide to investing for higher-rate taxpayers.

Pension Pot

how much will your pension be worth at retirement?

How much will your pension be worth at retirement? And how long will that last? This calculator estimates:

  • How much your pension be worth given current contributions; AND
  • How long that will last in pension drawdown
  • Also comes with a free guide to richer retirement.

Inheritance Tax

calculate your inheritance tax liability

Forewarned is forearmed. If calculate your potential inheritance tax liability, you have time to work out how to reduce it. This calculator:

  • Works out how much inheritance tax you might need to pay
  • Includes the new main residence nil-rate band
  • Comes with a free guide to inheritance tax planning

Relevant Life Insurance Calculator

If you’re a company director, did you know you could save up to 50% on life cover with Relevant Life Insurance? This calculator:

  • Calculates the tax savings company directors could achieve with Relevant Life Insurance
  • Allows you to adjust your National Insurance contributions, income tax bracket and corporation tax rate for more accurate results.

Income Riskometer

Let’s you see just how at risk you are if you could no longer earn your salary. This calculator:

  • Pulls together all possible measures of income, such as state benefits and family support
  • Takes into account savings, employee benefits and your sick pay entitlement.

Life Expectancy Calculator

Knowing your life expectancy is important for so many reasons, from your pension to inheritance tax. This calculator:

  • Uses the government life expectancy data for the most up-to-date results
  • Provides your life expectancy in terms of the risk of you dying by a certain age based on your age and gender.

Annuity Rates Calculator

annuity calculator

How much in annuity income will your pension buy? This calculator:

  • Compares annuity rates from across the UK market
  • Offers options for guaranteed and index-linked annuities.
Our Mission at Drewberry™

To provide expert financial advice and deliver a passionate 5-star service to help educate our clients so they can make informed decisions.

To help individuals and businesses throughout the UK to plan their financial future whilst protecting them against the financial risks they may face.

To provide quality financial advice in a transparent, friendly and professional manner.

Downloadable Guides

download our guide to building your investment portfolio

Making Sense of Your Investment Portfolio

  • How to start an investment portfolio
  • Why asset allocation is so important
  • What’s the best way to spread risk?
  • Advice on regular portfolio re-balancing once it’s up and running.
download our guide to consolidating your pensions

Making Sense of Pension Consolidation

  • How to consolidate your old pensions into one lean, modern portfolio
  • Our top five reasons for doing so
  • The types of transfer you might need to consider
  • Guidance on avoiding risks associated with consolidation.
download the drewberry guide to inheritance tax planning

Making Sense of Inheritance Tax

  • How is inheritance tax calculated?
  • Who has to pay inheritance tax?
  • Can you reduce the size of your estate with gifts?
  • What assets are exempt from IHT?
download our guide to the tapered pension annual allowance

Making Sense of the Tapered Annual Allowance

  • High earner? The tapered pension allowance could hit your savings
  • Avoiding the tapered allowance tax trap
  • Tax-free pension alternatives, such as VCTs and EIS
download our guide to consolidating your pensions

Making Sense of Final Salary Transfers

  • Why are transfer values so high?
  • Why a pension transfer could make sense for you
  • Should you consider a partial transfer as a ‘halfway house’?
  • The risks of a pension transfer
download our guide to consolidating your pensions

Guide to a
Richer Retirement

  • How much should you save into your pension?
  • What kind of growth rate might your pension see?
  • How to calculate pension tax relief
  • Why are pension so important?

Investing Guide for Higher-Rate Taxpayers

  • Tax-efficient investments for higher earners
  • The lowdown on venture capital trusts and enterprise investment schemes
  • Should you invest offshore?
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