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Earn With Our Referral Program

Know someone who could benefit from our services?

At Drewberry, we grow our business simply by trying to do the best by our clients. We want to provide such good service that you in turn can’t help but talk about us and recommend Drewberry to your friends and family.

If you feel we have provided a service worth telling others about it would be great if you could help us out.

As a thank you, for each person outside your household you refer who takes out a policy we will send you a £25 gift voucher. And we won’t forget the person you referred either – each person you refer to us who takes out a policy will receive one month of cover for free.

Our Mission

We are independent insurance experts who simply want to provide you and those closest to you with the best possible service. This means coupling our expert knowledge with access to the UK’s leading providers so we can ensure you have the most appropriate personal protection at the most competitive monthly premium.

We don’t like paying over the odds and we don’t think you, your friends, family or colleagues should have to either.


How it all works…

When you refer a friend or family member outside of your current household our clever systems link them to you behind the scenes. That means you’ll be notified via email as we progress with setting up their policy. When their new plan is in place we’ll drop you a line to know you’re eligible for a gift voucher on a specified date. When this date arrives we simply issue your voucher for you to spend however you like.

If you have valued our service or know others that would then please do not hesitate to let them know. As a thank you we will send you a £25 gift voucher when they set up their policy with us. The person you refer will also get one month of free insurance cover.

Casey Goodwin
Client Support Specialist

You can read the terms and conditions of our referral program here →


How many people can you refer?

Providing the people you’re referring are outside your household (i.e. do not live with you) there is no limit to the number of friends you can refer to us – we want you to tell as many people as possible! Each time you refer someone who then goes on to buy a policy, we’ll send you a £25 gift voucher to say thanks. We’ll also give the person you refer a whole month of free insurance.

How To Spread The Word

Pop in your email address and firstname below and we will generate your unique referral links which you can send on to those who you feel may benefit from our services.


Our clever systems will link you to the person you have referred so when they set-up their policy we can attribute the referral to you and say thank you with a £25 Amazon gift voucher.

Rob Rutherford
Head of Client Support

Submit their details now...

If you already have someone in mind who you know would benefit from our services simply pop in their contact details below and we will make contact with them letting them know you referred them to us.

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If you are outside the UK give us a call on 02084327333 or email

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We simply want to make your life easier and sometimes it just makes more sense to pick up the phone.

We work hard to make sure we know all the insurance products we offer inside out and back to front. Things aren't always black and white, sometimes further information is required and often there are products we cannot quote online which may be more appropriate.

Please note - We pride ourselves on doing the best by our clients which means we will never pass your contact details on to third parties.

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Share with your friends and family...

Simply click the share button and post it to your profile. When they click on the link our clever technology will let us know you sent them our way. The more people you send it to the more you could earn!


Send a link...

Simply copy the link and send it to a friend and our clever technology will let us know you sent them our way. Again, the more people you make aware of our services the more monthly premiums you could get back!

Send an email...

We can email over your unique referral email template as per below to forward on to your friends and family who you feel would benefit from our services. Just click the button below to receive it in your inbox.


I just wanted to let you know I have recently used Drewberry Insurance™ to help with my insurance needs and thought of you.

The team at Drewberry were all really helpful and know what they are doing. You can get a quote online straight away and compare all the leading insurers to get an idea of price and see if it is something you are interested in.

Whether you want to review existing cover or look at a new policy they can help with the following...

Life Insurance - Pays out a lump sum to your loved ones should you die – Get Quote >>

Income Protection – Pays out a monthly income if you are unable to work – Get Quote >>

Health Insurance – Pays for you to bypass the NHS and receive medical treatment privately – Get Quote >>

Hope this is useful.

Kind Regards