Divorce More Likely For Female Breadwinners

A study spanning 25 years has recently been published in the Journal of Family Issues, the study conducted by Western Washington University tracking 2,500 married couples found that female breadwinners were 40% more likely to divorce their lower earning partners than men with lower earning partners.

The study headed up by Jay Teachman stated that of the 2,500 married women studied between 1979 and 2002 the traditional gender roles applied with the majority believing the man should be the breadwinner. Following the 25 year study Jay said:

“When marriages form, there are expectations. If you get new information about the relationship, you are likely to think, ‘ Hang on a minute, this isn’t what I bargained for.”

Teachman found both the husband and the wife to be equally disappointed when the man can’t provide for the home. He added that he would like to continue the study with the current generation of women who may not have expected to have careers they have ended up being forced into.

In addition, a study by researchers from Cornell University found that men earned less than their wives were more likely to have affairs. Although times are changing at a rapid pace are our perception of roles keeping up? Should the study continue it will be interesting to see the results of an even more career focused generation of females.