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How many employees do we need for medical history disregarded company health insurance?

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We are considering setting up a business health insurance scheme for our employees and want to know they are covered for any treatment they may require. To ensure our employees can obtain cover for existing medical conditions I wanted to know how large the scheme needs to be before you can apply for medical history disregarded cover?
asked by imtony (190 points)

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It is usually possible to set -up a group / business health insurance scheme on a medical history disregarded (MHD) basis with 20 or more employees, although this will vary from insurer to insurer.

It is worth noting that the premiums charged by the insurers would be around 20-25% more for a for an MHD scheme realtive to a scheme underwritten on a moritorim basis. This is becuase an MHD scheme carries more risk and a higher claims ratio given that pre-existing conditons would be covered.

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answered by Andrew Jenkinson (4,860 points)

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